December 13 2017

Super Swimmers in 4th Class!

We interviewed Mr. Allen’s 4th class. It was their first time doing the class swimming lessons in Loughlinstown Leisure Centre. The class did it for forty minutes every Wednesday for eight weeks. Once at swimming, the swimming coaches put the children into small groups.

Group 1 were the strong, high-level swimmers. They learnt to do all 4 strokes. The strokes they learnt were freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly. Group 2 did 3 strokes – freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke. Group 3 learnt to do the front crawl. Group 4 were the beginners. During the 8 weeks, they learnt to swim. Well done!

I interviewed a boy in Mr Allen’s class. He didn’t do the first few weeks of swimming as he was nervous but after getting encouragement from his class-mates, teachers and coaches he gave it a go. He is so pleased he tried to swim.

Thank you for reading our interview about Mr Allen’s 4th class swimming lessons. Finally, Mr. Allen is so kind – he gave each child 50c for the lockers!

Written by Eoin Mulligan and Eoin Mac Dermot – from the School Media Team

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November 27 2017

An Interview with Our Chairperson

Greetings everyone and welcome back to St Anne’s News. It’s Ava and Teagan and we have another great interview for you this month (God we love this job!) Today we had the pleasure of interviewing Mr. Justin Kilcullen who as most of you will know is the Chairperson of the Board of Management here at St Anne’s.

Mr Kilcullen lived in Mount Merrion, Dublin, as a child where he attended St Theresa’s Primary School and went to secondary school in Oatlands which is an all-boys school in Stillorgan. From there he went to UCD. He currently lives in Shankill and has three grown-up children. He is delighted to be the Chairperson of the Board because his children attended this school and he has had a connection with this school for a long time. Being Chairperson in a way is like saying thank you to the school. He has been on the Board for two years now and Chairperson for one year. He retired from Trocaire a few years back where he worked for thirty-two years – twenty years of this was spent as Director.

He is very busy as Chairperson of the Board. As well as working with Mr Fingleton he enjoys visiting us in our classrooms and the school yards. He loves coming into the school because everyone always seems so happy here. Mr Kilcullen is a grandad to two children that he loves dearly and he also loves children. We asked him why he thought he was selected for this very important job and he believes it’s because he was available due to the fact he  is retired and he is very reliable. He is very impressed with the great atmosphere in the school. He also admires the dedication and commitment of staff as they care for and teach all the children.

He did say that everything that is good can still be improved on and he believes in years to come this school will be even more amazing! He described the role of being Chairperson in one word as “enjoyable”.

Until next time people, keep your coats on, Santa hats too because it’s NEARLY CHRISTMAS! Bye for now folks.

By Ava and Teagan

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November 14 2017

Interesting Activities in Ms. Kett’s Class

So in Ms Kett’s class the class have been doing a project on the American States. The class have also have been writing short stories on Halloween in Irish, as a 4th class student I would imagine this to be very hard to do! On Mondays they have been doing cricket. In maths they have been doing trend graphs.

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November 14 2017

History and Narrative Writing in Ms. Aivalikli’s Class

I visited Ms. Aivalikli’s sixth class today. They have been learning about Georgian Dublin this month. They have focused on the architecture and history of the time. Students have been doing PowerPoint Presentations and Reports on either the Four Courts, James Gandon or Georgian Homes. They are going into Collin’s Barracks to look at Georgian furniture and clothing and will be sketching the Four Courts.

In English they have been working on Narrative writing, creating tension and using descriptive words. They will be writing their own stories soon.

By James

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November 14 2017

News from Ms. D’Arcy and Ms. Ní Mhurchú’s Class

This class have been very busy since the start of the year. They have been completing lots of art projects and self-portraits for their class door. They have been learning about Greek Mythology, Comic Strips and Constructing a Norman Castle.

They have designed Dia De los Muentos masks for Halloween. They have been doing creative writing stories and poems for Autumn. Their geography knowledge increased this year as they have been learning all the counties, lakes and rivers in Ireland.

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November 14 2017

Art, Swimming and School Tours in Ms. Kelly’s Class

Ms Kelly’s class have been busy making skulls and fireworks but don’t worry they are not real, they are made from crep paper. The class have been very busy writing stories, doing equations, spellings and singing.

All the fourth classes are still doing swimming on a Thursday which includes two more weeks after the midterm. The classes also went to see High School Musical in Cluny.

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November 14 2017

News from Ms. Travers’ Class

Ok so first they made masks and they made Meringue too. They did projects on inventors and they typed them up as well. They are reading David Walliams – ‘Gansta Granny’. They are also reading Roald Dahl’s – ‘Danny the Champion of the World’. They planted  crocus and tulip bulbs.

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November 13 2017

Music and News in Third Class!

Mr Dunne’s class have learned a song called “Somewhere Only We know” by Keane and played it at assembly. There is also a video on Facebook of them singing it which got the most likes of the year for the school. Every week the class watches RTE News2Day and answers the questions of the week. The class then sends in their answers. Mia Byrne and Ella were featured on the show. For art this Halloween the class did Halloween Silhouettes.

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November 13 2017

Mapping in Second Class!

Hi everybody! Welcome back to this month’s St Anne’s News!

Now today we have an interview from all of the pupils in Ms. Dawson’s class. They kindly told be a bit about what they have been doing…

They have been working on their Maths, English and Gaeilge (especially Oíche Shamna!) They have been doing some Music and Art, and in art they made little paper people painted houses. They have been reading Oisín and Tír na Óg and learning about the human body, and they have also been drawing maps.

Gosh, they have been busy! Anyway that’s all for now Folks, Come Back next time!

Second Class Maps of Shankill

By Ava and Rebecca

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