November 8 2018

1st Class News – November 2018 – Ms McManus

We are back in first class after a wonderful midterm, we hope everyone enjoyed a well-deserved break! We were kept busy in the weeks leading up to our week off with lots of Halloween activities and new topics to learn about.

One of our favourite weeks last month was ‘Maths Week’! Throughout the week, we focused on problem solving and using our maths eyes. Every day, we would use our problem solving skills to solve some tricky maths riddles. For example: Stephen, Liam, Carla and Sadhbh meet up. Each person shakes hands with every other person once. How many handshakes are there in total? As well as solving riddles, our class became mindful of all the wonderful mathematical shapes, lines and problems hidden around us in our everyday lives. We used pictures of lots of everyday items to create and solve mathematical problems, for example: Can you estimate how many smarties are on these gingerbread men? Some people in the class even used their maths eyes at home, and brought in pictures that we stuck on our maths wall!

Throughout October, we also focused on learning a little bit more about where Halloween comes from. We discovered that Halloween actually originated in Ireland and comes from a festival called Samhain, which was celebrated by the Celts. As some of the children in the class would be in different countries for the Halloween break, we decided to learn a bit about Halloween traditions around the world. We looked at different ways the festival is celebrated in China, Belgium, Canada, England, Spain and Mexico. Did you know that in Hong Kong, Halloween is known as the ‘Festival of Hungry Ghosts? Some people even burn pictures of money or fruit on this day, as they believe the images may reach the spirit world and bring comfort to the ghosts!

In art, we wanted to put our knowledge of Autumn to good use. We created these autumn scenes, using paint and cotton balls. We made sure to include all the usual colours we see in Autumn, and even added some falling leaves!

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October 11 2018

Ms. Rigby’s First Class are a Talented Bunch!

We’ve had a great few weeks in first class. We were honoured to be chosen to be the first class to lead junior assembly. We had to practice really hard and we set a very high standard for everyone else to follow. We were so proud of our amazing performance. Our performance was all about talents and how each of us have different talents. We really are such a talented bunch!

Something really exciting happened this year. In first class, we get to go to the library every Tuesday. We walk so quietly to the library and choose a book at our level. We are so good at this because we had a class discussion before our first library session. We made some great informative posters to help us remember our library rules.


Our first theme of the year was all about clothes. We found it interesting especially when studying Clothes of the past. We can now tell you all about clothes from the 1900’s, 1960’s and the 1980’s. We also discussed what clothes we wear in different seasons. We’ve now moved onto the theme of autumn and we have already learned so much. In pairs, we created amazing sensory poems.  We also read a lovely story called ‘Don’t hog the hedge’. We got to meet many animals who hibernate throughout this story.

Thanks for taking the time to read all about our work so far this year. We really are having such a fantastic time in Room 3!




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October 3 2018

First Class and Ms McManus – Learning about Clothes!

This September, First Class have been learning all about clothes. We have even been writing stories about clothes on Fridays! We focused on the different clothes that would be suitable for each of the four seasons. In Spring, we usually wear light clothes sometimes made of cotton, but we usually need a light jumper too. In Summer, we wear shorts, t-shirts and lots of sun cream! In Winter, we like to wrap up in woolly scarves and jumpers. Finally, in Autumn, it is important to keep our raincoats close by, especially in Ireland! We spent some time in Science testing which materials would be best during a rainy Autumn, by checking if they were waterproof. We found that plastic, tinfoil, and rubber were the best materials for keeping water at bay! In art, we designed our own tshirts and hung them up. Check out our líne éadaí!


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November 13 2017

Interviews in Mr. Donnelly’s Class

This is what Mr Donnelly’s 1st Class have been doing for the past few weeks. They have been making chests with foam paint and they also drew their own haunted houses. We also asked two students what their favourite subject was and they said it was Art and Maths. Mr Donnelly’s favourite subject is science.

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November 13 2017

Art in Ms. Rigby’s Class

Ms Rigby’s 1st class have been doing a lot of art. For Halloween they made silhouettes. They are now planning their Winter Art. We asked two children what their favourite subjects were and they said Irish and Maths. Ms Rigby’s favourite subject is Maths.


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November 13 2017

News from Ms. Maguire’s Class

I went around to Ms. Maguire’s 1st class to ask them some questions. In art they have been doing Halloween cards with spooky houses on them. The children are very excited to start their Christmas art. I asked two students what their favourite subject was and they said Art and Maths. Ms Maguire’s favourite subject is music.

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October 17 2017

News from Ms. Maguire’s First Class!

During the week I visited Ms. Maguire’s First Class.

Recently they’ve been doing a lot of Science and Autumnal Art. Everyone says that their favourite subjects are Science, Maths, singing and dancing and they are all very keen to learn about animals, Science and space this year.

Ms. Maguire says that she is really enjoying teaching First Class because they are all very energetic, bright, good friends and are not scared to have a go at anything. Ms. Maguire also mentioned that she finds it really interesting that there are so many different nationalities in the class. The whole class including Ms. Maguire are extremely excited for the year ahead.

Until next time,

Jennifer, Media Team

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October 17 2017

An Interview with Andrea!

Hello Everyone!

Welcome back to St Anne’s news. Today we have an interview from Andrea in Ms. Rigby’s First Class. She has given us her perspective of school.

She told me that she loves school and enjoys Maths, Art and playing with her friends. She likes to play tag and cat games. She likes her teacher because she looks nice and teaches well.

See you next time for another interview.

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October 16 2017

Interesting Interviews in First Class!

I had an interview with Mr. Donnelly’s class. They are enjoying First Class but when I asked them what they missed about Senior Infants, they said finishing at half one. They all said that they like basketball, football and dodgeball.

I got an exclusive interview with Flynn. Flynn is a six-year-old boy who has travelled all over the world. His favourite countries that he has ever been to are Cambodia, Bali and Thailand.

Mr. Donnelly then told me that the children in his class love when he teaches his favourite subject which is Science. He said sometimes they can act like cheeky monkeys! The class did an experiment to see how a helicopter can fly. They made their own out of paper. They had great fun flying them.

By Hannah, Media Team

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June 8 2017

First Class are Amazing Scientists

Welcome to this month’s blog. Mr. Donnelly is doing lots of science. His class is having lots of fun as well. During science they did experiments with coke. The first experiment they put milk in coke. The results weren’t nice. The milk and coke separated. It looked pretty much like water apart from the fact that there was brown, particle like stuff on the bottom and on the surface of the water.

The second experiment was putting a tooth into coke! Surprisingly the tooth didn’t dissolve! The tooth went all black and yucky! Mr. Donnelly and his class love science. They also learned about bacteria. His class enjoy playing maths game as well. They were working hard on grammar and vocabulary games. Mr. Donnelly says that they enjoy doing their work.

That’s all folks!

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