October 12 2022

Our First Month in Ms. Olson’s Junior Infants!

Wow! We can’t believe we have completed one whole month in Junior Infants! We are loving being in school, have settled in so well and made lots of friends. On our first day, we were delighted to walk into our new classroom with our parents and we had lots of fun playing with the toys with our new classmates. Here are some pictures from our first few days of school.


In September, we learnt all about ourselves and the doctor. Every morning we do Aistear, which is structured playtime. There are four stations per week and we play at one station each day. We love playing in the home corner! This month, we enjoyed playing in ‘The Doctors’ Surgery’, ‘The Toys’ Hospital’ and ‘The Opticians’. We were given a role to play and had to act out the part that we were given. We also enjoyed playing in small world. In small world, we had to set up a town and act out different scenarios using wooden people. Some of the scenarios included going to the doctors or calling an ambulance to our home. Another station that we enjoyed doing was playdough. We were given themed playdough mats and had to add playdough details to them. We had to make doctor’s instruments like a stethoscope and we had to add glasses to people’s faces! We usually have a cut and stick station too to practise our cutting skills such as sequencing the nursery rhymes that we are learning. We also made cool glasses when we were learning about the opticians – we coloured them, cut them out and added some nice stickers to them! Sometimes we have a construction station. We made hospitals out of stickle bricks this month. In our final week of September we enjoyed playing with the baby dolls. We learned how to change their nappies, change their clothes, feed them and hold them carefully! On Fridays, we have freeplay. This means we can play with any of the toys in the classroom. We just love playtime in Junior Infants!


In English, we started learning our Jolly Phonics! We love listening and singing along to the Jolly Songs as well as listening to the sound story and answering questions about it. Sometimes our teacher hides the sounds around the classroom and we have to find them and think of some words that contain that sound. We also love playing ‘I Spy’ when we are learning our sounds. We have started to learn how to write these sounds too. We learn the formation through different stations including writing the sounds in sand, using playdough to make the sounds, doing rainbow letters and covering the sound with counters! When we finished the first group of Jolly Phonics, we started blending little words and learning our Tricky Words! We love the Tricky Words songs on YouTube. We are also doing lots of activities to develop our fine motor skills. Building up our hand muscles will make us excellent writers! We do fun activities each day such as cutting, writing our names, threading beads, playing with polydrons, pegboards, links, connecting cubes, chopsticks, jigsaws and playdough. We also love story time at the end of the day, some of the stories we read were, ‘The Gruffalo’, ‘The Gruffalo’s Child’, ‘Owl Babies’, ‘The Berenstain Bears go to the Doctor’ and ‘The President’s Glasses’.

We love our interactive Gaeilge programme, Bua na Cainte. We explored the theme ‘Mé Féin’ (Myself) and ‘Lá Breithe’ (Birthdays) in September. We learn songs as Gaeilge (in Irish) and listen to the conversations. We like learning little phrases that we can say to our friends and our teacher. We love the games on Bua na Cainte as they develop our listening skills! We also like when we get a visit from our dog puppet ‘Rolaí Polaí’ who only understands Gaeilge! He has been teaching us some simple conversation starters!

In Maths, we have been doing lots of counting games and we learnt how to sort objects into sets according to colour, shape, size, number and type of object. We learnt how to make patterns with two colours and two sizes (ABAB) and we’ve been learning how to write some of our numbers. We enjoyed playing maths games including ‘Happy Faces’ and ‘Sweetie Jar’ as they help us to develop one-to-one correspondence! We made sets of two items and we learnt the names of the 2D shapes – circle, square, rectangle, triangle, oval and hexagon. We played a fun feely bag game with the shapes and we went on a shape hunt around the school.

In S.E.S.E. (Geography, History and Science), we learnt about our families, our school and our journey to school. We had lots of fun learning about our school as we got to go for a tour of the school and we were given a personal tour of the principal’s office by Mr. Fingleton himself! Afterwards we worked together to draw an aerial view map of the school. We also learnt about the work of a doctor and an optician and identified lots of other professions and the places where they work.

In Music, we were learning lots of lovely nursery rhymes. We particularly like ‘The Grand Old Duke of York’ as we marched around the classroom as we sang! We love doing actions to all of our songs too. In Art, we made lots of lovely things including, self portraits, X-ray hands and Owl Babies pictures. We used a print technique with cotton pads to create our Owl Babies.


In P.E., we are very lucky to have Deirdre coming in to us each Tuesday to teach us gymnastics! We have been learning how to do different types of rolls, the forward roll, the backwards roll, cartwheels, the beam and the vault! We love Fridays too as Coach Steve from Shankill GAA is back in with us teaching us ball skills. We are learning lots of skills including bouncing, catching, throwing and even GAA solos! In S.P.H.E., we have been learning all about being a good friend and using our ‘Kind Hands, Kind Words and Kind Feet’ in school. We learnt that we are all different, special and unique – we investigated our fingerprints and handprints as a way of showing this.


We hope you enjoyed our blog, tune in next month to hear about what we got up to in October!

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October 12 2022

Our School Renovation

Last year our school received a big makeover and I interviewed some of the contributors. First I spoke to  Maria about the new floors. She said that the carpets were very old and the tiles had begun to get dirty. She said “We have about 10 of 20 rooms done and we hope we can finish the rest. We did all the work during the lockdown and Summer holidays.” She said that they plan to be finished in the next 4 to 5 years. The floors are made of Marmoleum and we have over 100 colours to choose from.

I then went to Ms. Darcy to ask her about the painting of the Corridors. She said her favourite part has to be the gorilla. Mr. Fingleton chose the Jungle theme because it would contain lots of colour. Ms. Darcy got lots of 6th class pupils to help with the painting. She explained that it was hard work for each small detail but it lightened up the corridor and went better than planned.

I went to interview Mr. Hackett who painted the yard because the school had room for improvement. He said “We chose to do waves in the Solas yard because the Solas yard looks like an island from above. It has made people happy. It took about 4 days to do but in total about 19 hours of work” He told me it was rough but he is very happy with the final product.

Finally, I interviewed Mr. Dunne about the junior yard.  “We decided to do bubbles because bubbles are fun and who doesn’t like fun!” he exclaimed. He continued by saying that he believes it lightened the mood and everyone loved it. He told me he personally loves the design and how fascinated the juniors were at first. He explained how he did it to me. “I used a big stencil to add detail to them and it worked well!”

by Danny Foley

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