May 2 2019

Mr Hacketts 2nd Class News!

We’ve had a busy few weeks as we come to the end of the term in 2nd class.

In Maths  we have been looking at money and are working out how to add different amounts and also how much change we get. We have been using coins to help us work out our answers.

We also planted our very own seeds and we were lucky enough to have Cushla bring us in a grow box. We have planted the seeds in small containers in our class and have vegetables of every kind. There certainly are some green hands in this class. This week we will move them and plant them in the garden outside our window.

As Easter is fast approaching we looked at chocolate, how it is made and where it comes from. This was followed up with a trip to the Butlers chocolate factory. We had a tour of the factory where we found out how the chocolates were made and packaged to be sent around the world. We then went to a demonstration and got to decorate our own.

In lift off some of the children have been producing some fantastic projects based on the books they are reading.

Our write a books were returned from being judged and as you can see the children put in some extra hard work really did produce some amazing books!!!!


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November 11 2018

Mr Hackett’s Second Class

Welcome to Mr Hacketts Second class. Last term our theme was Autumn and our Locality. We have been busy Maths bees using all our new Maths equipment to help us visualise our maths sums and problem solve. We’ve had loads of fun and learned lots.

We have also been learning and gathering lots about Autumn as we see the signs all around us. The children have made a nature table with leaves , berries, nuts and conkers. Our art work has focused around this and we have done leaf rubbings and chalk/pastel pictures to capture the wonderful colours of Autumn.

In science we have been examining the effects of gravity and we carried out some tests making our own helicopters. We were even able to use sycamore seeds to see the original helicopter at work. The end of term was very exciting and spooky. Check out some of our Halloween decorations and costumes.

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October 29 2018

Ms Ryan’s Second Class

Welcome to Ms. Ryan’s 2nd class! What a term we’ve had! At the start of the year we went on a mini-beast hunt around our school. We looked closely for minibeasts in different habitats and recorded what we saw and where we found them. Some of the minibeasts were not so mini!

We have been learning all about our locality in SESE. We created maps of Shankill and discussed the bridges in our area. This was so interesting as we didn’t notice how many different types there are. We learned all about how they stay up and what they are used for. We even tested a few types of bridge structures using paper to see which could hold the most weight.

Last week was Maths Week! We had lots of fun challenging each other on Mathletics for our homework. We also challenged other children in the school and around the world! We discovered maths all around us both at home and in school with scavenger hunts and a maths trail. For art we created some spooky symmetrical monsters.

Let’s hope the year continues as successfully as it started. Happy Halloween from Ms. Ryan’s class!


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October 23 2018

News from Ms. Dawson’s Second Class.

Welcome to Ms. Dawson’s second class. We’ve had a very busy first half term. In the last two weeks we made telephones out of tin cans and string. We decorated them and tried them out and we were so surprised when we  could hear each other down the lines. They worked the best when we pulled the string very tight.
We had a project to design and make a kite and all kinds of shape and designs arrived in school last Friday just in time for the end of the hurricane. We had great fun flying them in the yard and trying to hold on to them. A few unfortunately needed surgery afterwards!
This week we are looking at Halloween traditions and games and interviewing our parents and grandparents about Halloween when they were young. We are also drawing maps of Halloween Villages. They are scary places to live in!!
We played conkers this week too, an old fashioned game where you try and hit and break your opponent’s conker. It was harder than it looked!
This week is Maths Week and we started our online maths programme, Mathletics. It is a lot of fun and we can even have maths challenges with children from around the world. We also went on a maths walk and looked for maths around our school. Shape jumped out at us everywhere!
If you’d like to enjoy a Disney cartoon from 1929, check out the skeleton dance on you tube. We danced and moved to it and are very impressed with technology from almost 100 years ago! It was a lot of fun!
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November 13 2017

Mapping in Second Class!

Hi everybody! Welcome back to this month’s St Anne’s News!

Now today we have an interview from all of the pupils in Ms. Dawson’s class. They kindly told be a bit about what they have been doing…

They have been working on their Maths, English and Gaeilge (especially Oíche Shamna!) They have been doing some Music and Art, and in art they made little paper people painted houses. They have been reading Oisín and Tír na Óg and learning about the human body, and they have also been drawing maps.

Gosh, they have been busy! Anyway that’s all for now Folks, Come Back next time!

Second Class Maps of Shankill

By Ava and Rebecca

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October 17 2017

News from Ms. Byrnes’ Second Class!

Ms. Byrnes’ Second Class have done lots of interesting things.

They were making predictions for the All – Ireland final and drawing team jerseys. In Art they drew 3D hands and learnt about optical illusions. They read about Oisin and Tir na n-Og and made postcards he might have sent from there.

I really liked their class group names which are BRIGHT SPARKS, WIZZ KIDS, BRAIN BOXERS AND CLEVER CLOGS.

By Emma, Media Team

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October 17 2017

Picasso Portraits in Second Class!

Ms. Dawson’s class have been learning about the community, themselves and Pablo Picasso. They also learned about Shankill and its attractions.

As part of this they went on a nature walk, they each did a special family tree and also did a project on themselves as a baby. Their art centred around Pablo Picasso where they painted portraits of themselves in his style.

Ms. Dawson’s Second Class Self Portraits in Pablo Picasson Style

By Mary-Kate, Media Team

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June 8 2017

Our Communion and New Trends in 2nd class!

Ms Dawson’s class are reading Fantastic Mr Fox. They also did area with fidget spinners and they made parachutes. This class made their First Holy Communion on the 21st of May. They prepared for their First Holy Communion by learning songs and prayers and designing pictures with the chalice and the body of Christ on them. The chalice had their name on it, the date of their communion and Father John’s name. This class also are learning about the life cycle of a butterfly.

Ms Maguire’s class are learning about space, in particular, the sun, Earth and moon. They made their First Holy Communion on the 28th of May 2017 at 10:30 am. Father John gave their First Holy Communion Mass. They prepared for their First Holy  Communion by learning their prayers and the responses.

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May 8 2017

Rainforest Inspired Creativity in Second Class

Down in Ms. Maguire’s class, they did something quite interesting. They came up with the idea to turn their classroom into a rainforest. The children used paper to make little monkeys. Ms. Maguire used string to hang up the monkeys. They added vines as well. Ms. Maguire made a giant monkey out of art materials and put it on the door. They are also doing S.E.S.E.


By Rebecca, Media Team

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