March 27 2019

The Reason Why School Is A Safe Place to Be!

The reason why school is a safe place to be,

Is not always easy for us to see.

You’re never alone, when everyone cares,

Especially if you can’t find it,

outside school airs.


We always complain, when we have to go back,

When we don’t realise, the thankfulness we lack.

Yes this is cheesy, more cheesy than your toast,

But we don’t realise, until we miss it the most.


Here in St. Annes, it’s always like a second home,

No matter our age, or how far we roam.

When your old and frail, looking up at the stars,

Remember St. Annes (or your school) who made you who you are.


By Ava Mulcahy 6th class

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March 27 2019

The Choir’s Big Night!

On Wednesday the 12th December the school choir went to a carol service in St. Anne’s Church. It was on quite late, so it was very dark outside, but the church was bright with lights and candles. The choir sang two songs. The first one was “Night Of Silence” and the second song was “In A Stable”. Third and Forth class were singing in the choir. Mr Dunne, Ms Maguire and Ms Elmes were the leaders of the choir. Father John led us in prayer. I am part of the choir and I love it. We really enjoy choir practice. We have to work really hard to learn all the songs but it is worth it. Scoil Mhuire and the church choir sang there too. We also recorded these songs. With Mr Dunne’s guitar playing, Ms Maguire’s piano playing, Ms Elmes’ beautiful conducting and of course the choir, the night was a great success.

Written by Mairead and Pearl.

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March 27 2019

Oh I Really Love Bees!

Oh I really love bees

They like to sit on my knees

Sure they might sting

But that just makes me sing

Oh I really love bees


Oh I really love bees

They keep away all the fleas

They make lots of honey

It’s really quite funny

Oh I really love bees


Oh I really love bees

They’ve travelled the seven seas

They like apple pies

And wearing blue ties

Oh I really love bees


By Lauren Foley

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March 27 2019

Interview with Steve Davis, GAA Ballskills Coach in St Anne’s.

Q. Where in the school do you teach your classes?

A. In the junior and senior yard.

Q. What skills do they learn?

A. They learn the solo, pick up, kick pass, hand pass, high catch, chest catch and the punt kick.

Q. Are the skills hard, medium or easy level?

A. They are medium level.

Q. Do you do any warm up games?

A. Yes, flush the toilet, stuck in the mud, the traffic light game and tag.

Q. Are your classes good at it?

A. Yes. Very good at it.

Q. Do they get lots of exercise?

A. They do, most of the drills involve moving.

Q. What is your favourite skill to teach?

A. The punt kick.

Q. Do they enjoy it?

A. Yes, they do enjoy it.

Q. Do you enjoy it?

A. Yes.

Q. Is it fun!?

A. Yes, it is great fun.

Steve says:

It is great to see boys and girls learning new skills whilst having fun. It’s great to see so many boys and girls from St. Anne’s school playing for Shankill G.A.A club during the week and during the weekend.

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March 27 2019

Ukulele in Third Class!

In 3rd class we have started ukulele lessons. The ukulele is a 4 stringed instrument. It has 12 frets. We are learning Shotgun by George Ezra. It is one of our favourite songs. The beat of the song goes like cat-kit cat-kit. We are also learning how to tune our ukuleles. You can compare your ukulele to a fully tuned one and try to match the notes, or you can use a tuner or a tuning app. I asked our teacher Aidan about teaching ukulele and he said he has always loved music and teaching music to other people. We have been learning beat-boxing and the C cord. We will soon learn the A Minor cord. We all like learning ukulele as it is fun and not too hard. We all also like to practice on air-guitars. It is great!

By Pearl Rose in 3rd class

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March 27 2019

An Update on the End of Year Show!

The End of Year Show – a big tradition that takes place in our school towards (well you guessed it) the end of the year. And preparation for this year’s show has begun!

Cinderella Rockerfella is the name of this year’s show and it tells a twisted version of the original story of Cinderella. It is a very fun, cheerful play that is sure to get some laughs from the audience,

The parts for the show have been given out and dancing will our talented dance teacher Catherine Casey has begun. So with all of us here working hard let’s hope that this year’s show will be one to remember!

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March 27 2019

Student Council Fundraising!

The Student Council have been fundraising for over two years to buy new toys and equipment for the yard. The first of their purchases came in February 2019. They purchased goals for the yard. These were put up by Ogie and are being enjoyed by the classes in the senior yard.

The Student Council have had many fundrasing events recently. They had a very successful talent show in 2018. This talent show was enjoyable for all who came to see it.

The Student Council have been working to get toys for the yard for the junior classes too. They have asked all classes for donations for Duplo Lego from home. They are also planning more fundraising events this year!

By Mairead in 3rd class

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January 23 2019

News from the Creative Media Team!

Hello Shankill, and once again, welcome back!

Today, we’ll be discussing recent happenings in St Anne’s! As we all know, there has been Christmas fever spreading faster than the plague, and there have been plays left, right and centre, and we’re getting the scoop on the some of them. Starting in Junior Infants, in Ms Woods’ amazing class. Their class performed “Our First Nativity”. I even had the pleasure of meeting the two stars of the show who played Mary and Joseph. They said they loved playing the parts, rather than being their usual selves, Emma and Matthew. They also loved the songs. They said Ms. Woods did a really good job, and they think she’s a really cool teacher.

Next I visited Ms McManus’ class where I met Clara and Charlotte. Their play was called “The Night Before Christmas”, which they said was hilarious. They loved all of it, and the best part was, some people got to wear their PJ’s. They said Ms. McManus was great. Well done 1st Class.

Next and finally, I came to Ms. Hughes’ Senior Infants. Their play was called “Christmas Toy Story”, and I interviewed Morgan and Isabelle. They loved ‘The song with the guitars’! That narrows it down! They loved the toys, and saying lines, and they said it was fun.

They say Ms. Hughes is really nice and smart. That wraps us up for today folks. See you next time!

By Ava

Creative Media Team

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January 14 2019

Ms. Kelly’s Class Project!

This year in Ms Kelly’s class we have done a lot. We will be doing projects throughout the year. Our first project was on bridges. There were so many things we could do using bridges as a topic. We could make model of bridges, write about bridges or draw pictures of bridges.  Most people decided to make a model of a bridge. However, some people chose to write about bridges too. We had about 20 days to get it done. Most people who made models used tall lollipop sticks. One bridge was made out of straws. Another person made a project out of clay. There was also a project made of wood and nails. In assembly, our class did a presentation on Bridges. Everybody had to read 1 fact about Bridges. Then, we sang the song ‘A Bridge over troubled water.’

Written by the Creative Media Team

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January 14 2019

Science Week!

This year science week was the 11th to the 18th of November. Science week is when schools all over Ireland spend a little extra time on science. Some schools decide to carry out exciting experiments. Mr. Donnelly’s 4th class made paper helicopters and oobleck. My favourite experiment was when we made oobleck. Oobleck is made out of cornflour and water. We put in red or green food colouring. We loved science week because science is such a fun subject. Science week makes learning more fun. It gives us a chance to become scientists for the week and develop new skills. We cannot wait for science week next year!

Written by the Creative Media Team

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