April 21 2024

STEM Challenges!

In December, our school had stem challenges where each class level had selected themes ranging from creating Christmas trees to creating sleighs. We interviewed pupils about their projects.

Junior Infants:

We interviewed Anna and Ezra. They made Christmas trees out of Lego, blocks, paper, pegs, forks, sticks and books. They made trees that were multicoloured. They were from Ms. Rigby’s class.

Senior Infants:

We interviewed Nicky and Adam. They made paper chains using cardboard and paper. Their chains were white. Nicky said his was the longest in the class. They were from Ms. McManus’s class.

First Class:

We interviewed Lucy and Ethan. They made symmetrical wrapping paper. They made Christmas trees. They painted one half of the sheet and folded it to male it symmetrical. They were from Ms. O’ Crowley’s class.

Second Class:

We interviewed Lelya and Dylan. They made Santa sleighs out of lollipop sticks, cardboard, playdough, egg cartons and cubes. They were from Mr. Higgins’ class.


Third Class:

We interviewed Zoe and Robyn. They made pulleys out of ribbons, wire, pom poms and cartons. They were from Ms. Dawson’s class. 

Fourth Class:

We interviewed Cara and Isabelle. They were allowed to do whatever they wanted. Cara made a wreath and Isabelle made a gingerbread house. They were from Mr. Hackett’s class.

Fifth Class:

We interviewed Isabel and Éimhin. They made elf traps out of cardboard, paper, rope, net, markers, string, clay and candy canes. They were from Ms. Treacy’s class.

Sixth Class:

We interviewed Alesha and Marcus. They could make whatever they wanted. Alesha made a cup tree and Marcus made a marshmallow launcher with Robyn. They were from Mr. Scully’s class.


Well done to everyone involved!

By Eoghan and Robyn

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April 21 2024

Environmental Workshop

Last December, Rosin from the SEAI came to our school and visited some classes to speak about the importance of saving energy. She showed us experiments like bouncing a basketball at our feet to see if we could feel the vibration. My favourite experiment was when we put a vitamin tablet in a water container with a lid. The lid popped off 4 times. The second time she put an extra half a tablet in and the lid popped off 9 times! At the end we did a quiz. Did you know that using a hair dryer for 15 minutes uses more energy than watching tv for 4 hours?


Thank you Roisin.

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February 25 2024


To mark the end of a very successful term, The Media Team were treated to cupcakes and hot chocolate which inspired this poem!




Cupcakes are so nice to eat,

Super good and super sweet.

Chocolate bubbles in my mouth,

Spongy stuff roams about.

When I swallow it down my throat,

The gooey stuff starts to float.

Now come the sprinkles 1,2,3

How very lucky can I be?


By Laura and Bel

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February 25 2024

Junior Infants have officially completed their first term in Primary School.

Bel and Laura from 4th class went to their classes to find out all about how they’ve been getting on!

What do you like about your class?

They liked learning letters and playing with cars. They also enjoyed playing in the play corner, singing Irish songs and playing with their friends in the yard.

Do you like your teacher?

They said they really like her and say she is good at Irish, teaching letters and arts and crafts.

Do you find your work hard?

The children said that they sometimes found it hard and sometimes found it easy. There is one thing they didn’t like and that was getting the glue stick on their hands and having to wash it off.

Have you made new friends?

Lots of them had made new friends in the yard and in class and now they play together.

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February 25 2024

Skiing Poem

I was skiing down the slope,

the snow was in my face

I wobbled and stumbled

Then I felt myself brace.


I landed head first,

my legs were in the air

when I tried to get up

my skis were stuck in my hair.

Then I got up, and did it all again.


By Anna Clinch

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February 25 2024

Springy Thing

Winter is over now,

Going into Spring, Spring is a wonderful Springy thing.

Lots of weather changes and nice flowers,

Nice green trees and more bright hours.

More greenery, baby animals.

Kids are playing, they’re best pals.

Winter is over now going into Spring.

Spring is a wonderful Springy thing.


By Tori Bailey and Eve Cassidy

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March 1 2023

Write a Book

A huge number of classes took part in the annual ‘Write a book’ competition. Although we cannot wait to find out the winners, we are so proud of every student who made an entry. We definitely have some budding authors in St Anne’s!

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March 1 2023

Service of Light

All three 6th Classes recently had their Service of Light. Emily Lowe in 6th Class has written this piece about all the preparation that went into it!

On the second of February, St. Anne’s Sixth Class, along with a handful of students from other schools, celebrated our Ceremony of Light. The Ceremony of Light is an important Catholic event, as it focuses on our parents sharing their light of faith with us. This is a key step in preparing for our Confirmation.

To prepare for our Ceremony of Light, Ms. Maguire and Ms. Elmes asked students to participate in the choir. A few students from each of the three Sixth Classes volunteered, and choir rehearsals were held to practice our hymns. Our Sixth Class teachers, our Sixth Class SNA, and Father Jamie helped us greatly to prepare for this celebration, and I think I speak for everyone when I say their faith inspired us every step of the way.

At seven o’clock in the evening, we all gathered in St. Anne’s Church. Every family had a Holy Candle that would be passed from parent to child toward the end of the ceremony. Once everyone was seated, the members of the choir began with the opening hymn: “Shine, Jesus, Shine.” When the hymn was over, we returned to our seats in the pews, and the ceremony began. Father Jamie gave a speech about a scene in The Lion King and linked it to God speaking to us, his sons and daughters. The teachers came around and lit our Holy Candles, and then the time came for our parents to pass the candle of faith to us. The choir sang the closing hymn: “This Little Light of Mine,” and the ceremony came to an end!

By Emily M. Lowe

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March 1 2023

Grandparents’ Day!

We were very lucky to have our annual celebration of Grandparents’ Day return this year. The excitement could be heard throughout the whole school. Grandparents were treated to tea and coffee before getting the chance to experience what it is like to be in their grandchildren’s classroom. We know that everyone involved had a great time! Some of our Media Team met with teachers before and after to get an idea of what happened.

Ms. McManus and her class are going to sing two songs and they will read a poem with their grandparents. After that, the children will have a chat. Ms. Johnson and her class are going to sing the song “Count on me”. Once they have sung that they plan to read a poem. They will then interview their grandparents about when they were younger.

Ms. D’Arcy and her class are going to read a poem. They will then do a disco dance to remind their grandparents of their youth.

Let’s have a little check-in and see if all their plans work out!

Ms. Johnson and her class did everything but the song. They instead showed their grandparents their Viking boats which they loved!!

Ms. D’Arcy and her class did everything! The grandparents loved the disco dance and said it was lovely, entertaining and interesting!

By Sian O’Sullivan

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March 1 2023

New Rock Climbing Wall by Hayley Carraher

The children in Junior Yard were delighted this month when they arrived to see a brand new climbing frame. The climbing frame takes up a section of the wall and has been a huge hit since its installation. Some of our Media Team members decided to find out more about it. They met with Mr. Fingleton and also some of the lucky students who have already had a chance to try it out!

The new climbing wall was Mr Fingleton’s idea. He got it from a company called ‘Small Walls’. They made it and came to install it. He thinks it is a great addition to the Junior Yard and will keep the children occupied. The children seem to be enjoying it so far.

There are some rules to the new frame for safety. You must climb sideways so as to never interfere with someone else. There can only be two climbers per panel at a time for safety. You can make it more difficult by only choosing to touch certain colours or avoid some. The black panel with colourful holds is really striking and stands out in the yard.

I spoke to all the Junior classes who simply think it is AMAZING!!

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