June 28 2019

Internet Safety

On Wednesday 1st of May, Seamus from Zeeko came to talk to us about being safe and careful on the internet. Zeeko shows people how to be safe online and encourages us to spend less time online.

He told stories about the internet.

  • We learned that if you stay looking at a screen late at night a light called blue light would trick your eyes into thinking it is daytime and you don’t sleep properly.
  • We learned about “stop, block, tell” which helps you if someone is mean or rude in a message. If you get a mean message you stop, block the person that is sending the message and then tell someone.
  • We learned that you should have a chat buddy, these are people you can talk to if something happens or just in general. To have someone that you trust to help or ask questions.
  • We learned that if you put photos of you online anyone can use them.

Media Team


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June 28 2019

Global Warming

St Anne’s is making a change. Recently, tens of thousands of people have been trying to make a change in global warming and here in St. Anne’s, we are proud to say that we have been part of this change.

In February, 6th Class went to the cool planet experience in Wicklow. It is a place where you can learn about global warming and we are happy to say that we learned lots. We even got to make eco-friendly slime!

Also recently the student council in our school put on a performance of  ‘Save Our World’ which was a new take on the song ‘Hold My Girl’ by George Ezra. This was a song about the importance of saving our world. We had Mr. Dunne on guitar with Hannelie.

Here at St Anne’s we are trying really hard to save our world and we hope you are too!!

By Lauren in 6th class

Media Team

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June 28 2019

The Daily Mile!

I am in fourth class and my teacher is Mr.Allen. Every day we keep fit by doing the Daily Mile. Everyone loves it. We run 16 laps around the yard for our mile and some find it challenging while others find it easy. Mr.Allen times us and the best time in our class is 6m and 25seconds. A lot of people have improved and gotten a lot better over the course of the year. The aim of the exercise is to beat your best time. That is how it keeps us fit. Anyone who beats their best time gets a subject pass. Why don’t you try the Daily Mile?

Media Team

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June 11 2019

Constructions in Mr. O’Donovan’s Fourth Class!

Mr. O’ Donovan’s 4th class have been really busy constructing bridges using newspaper, A4 paper, tinfoil, masking tape, paper plates and skewers. They used school books to measure how much each bridge could hold before it broke. Some held 60, while other’s held less. Everyone had lots of fun making the bridges. The most books that the bridges held was 60.


They also learned about the bridges of the world like, Beam bridges, truss bridges and suspension bridges. They found out the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco was a suspension bridge. They also made smaller constructions using only un-cooked spaghetti and marshmallows! They had to see which one had the most stability and which one was the highest. It was fun but a little hard to make sure that the structure would not fall down.





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May 28 2019

Third Class’ Trip to Dublin Zoo!

On Tuesday the 30th of April Ms.Travers’ and Mr Dunne’s 3rd class went to Dublin Zoo. We headed off on a bus. We all had partners. Everyone played card games, read, talked, drew, sang or made up handshakes. Luckily nobody threw up! We finally reached Dublin Zoo and everyone was so excited. When we got out of the bus it smelled so wonderful. We could smell fresh air.We walked along, it was so lovely to walk in the forest. We went to meet our tour guide. She was very nice. We were very hungry when we got out of the bus so we had lunch. It was so lovely and we went to see the animals. We walked along to see a hilly piece of land, it was full of animals. We saw ostriches, they were playfully walking around. There were two boys; I know this because they were black. We learned that the boys are black and the girls are grey. We saw giraffes and they were very tall. The mother giraffe was looking after her babies.

We also saw zebras. The zebras had a lot of stripes and they were so cool. We saw rhinos and they were very big. We saw many more animals like monkeys, they were not shy at all, they were looking up at the glass and jumping from branch to branch. We also saw elephants, they were pushing themselves down hills in muck, they were so cute. We saw a lot of other animals like tigers, lions, wolves, chimpanzees, primates, gorillas, penguins and snow leopards. It was a great day, everyone laughed and were fascinated by the animals. Before we left we went to the playground and saw the reptiles. There are so many animals in the zoo. I have an interesting fact for you. Did you know there are 550 animals in the zoo?

When we went back on the bus, the lion didn’t want us to leave because he let out a huge roar. Some of us were scared and some of us were happy and just laughed. We left on the bus and a lot of people were singing Queen. It was a great day; both of the 3rd classes enjoyed it!

By Pearl Rose


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May 28 2019

An Interview with Mr. O’Donovan!

  1. Were you nervous meeting your new class?

I have to say I was really nervous because I didn’t know the class and they had no idea who I was. It was difficult because I was going to be taking over from a fantastic teacher, half way through the school year. I wanted to put my own little twist on things as well as keeping some of the groups routines, so it was a nervous time for me!


  1. What was it like leaving your old school?

It was very strange because I started my teaching career there. I had only been there for two years but I had met some amazing pupils and teachers, and had built up some fantastic relationships. The Principal of my old school was and still is someone who has given me advice from the beginning, so saying goodbye to her and the other staff was also difficult. But we all keep in contact.


  1. Have you settled in completely to your new classroom?

I think so. I have the Cork GAA jersey hanging up which is the most important thing. We have a good routine now, and things are definitely taking shape. There’s still lots of stuff to do with regards putting up displays and stuff, but I think the atmosphere in the room is good and we are getting to do some exciting lessons. It’s a fun room to be in, and there is a relaxed mood in there so yes I do think I have settled.


  1. Are you liking it here in St. Annes?

It’s such a change for me compared to my previous school but I am thoroughly enjoying it. All of the staff have been so welcoming, and have really made me feel at home from the beginning. It is such a busy school, and there is always something happening which keeps me on my feet and I love it! The children are polite, and always say hello to me on the corridor, and there’s just a great atmosphere around the school each day. Assembly on Fridays is something new for me but its a fantastic opportunity to acknowledge the many talents of the children in the school and it is a true reflection of the ethos of the school.


  1. What were you looking forward to the most when you were coming here?

It’s always going to be exciting meeting a new class and getting to know the children individually. So I was excited to get to know the class and to build up a positive relationship with the group. I had 4th and 5th class together last year, so I was looking forward to trying out lessons that worked well for me with them, and also some new lessons. I haven’t had a chance yet, but I’m looking forward to teaching them some proper Cork hurling skills as well!


  1. Are there any differences between this school and your old school?

There are lots of differences. For starters, St. Anne’s begin in the morning earlier and we also finish earlier than my old school. The school is much bigger. My old school had about 150 pupils. As I mentioned already, assembly is something new for me on Fridays, something that my old school wouldn’t have done as often.There are other differences like for example a lot of children in my class in my old school would have got a bus to school, and I know that this doesn’t happen in St. Annes. There are lots of after school clubs and activities in St. Anne’s because of the huge number of pupils and interest from children, which is new and exciting for me. I hope that I can help out in some way with activities in time to come!


  1. What subject do you like teaching most with your new class?

The class are very much involved in choir with the school, and they’re very talented singers. So I love trying out new songs with them. They’re also very creative in writing so I’ve really enjoyed English lessons where we have written poems like Limericks and Haikus which were fun.


  1. Are you enjoying the experience of your new class and school?

I really am enjoying it very much! The first couple of weeks were a big change for both of us and it took some time to get a routine in place but it has been really enjoyable. As I said, the staff have been more than welcoming and I am enjoying coming in each and every day to school. It has been a great experience so far, and I am excited for the next few months especially when the weather hopefully picks up and we can get outside for more outdoor activities and lessons.

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May 28 2019

The End of Year Show!

For the last few weeks we have been doing dance. We are doing it with Ms. Casey. We are practising for the End-of-Year Show. This year we are performing ‘Cinderella Rockerfella’. Sixth class are acting in the show. Here is the cast list for some of the main parts;

Cinderella – Jennifer

Rockerfella – Saibh

Buttons – Meghan

Dan – Ella

Ugly Sisters – Oisin and Charlie

Fairy Godmother – Lauren

I interviewed Ms.Aivalikli and she said her class have been working very hard on the play and have started practising it on stage. Every class from 2nd to 5th are doing the dances. I am doing a dance which includes a lot of different moves such as freeze frames and the box step. Part of our routine even includes cowboy hats.

Cool Fact – Ms.Casey used to teach me ballet!

Why not come and see the show for yourself, It’ll be a lot of fun!

By Pearl Fitzpatrick

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May 28 2019

The National Children’s Choir!

The National Children’s Choir had lots of rehearsals to learn and prepare for the big show in the basketball arena on the 27th of March. We had 3 rehearsals before the big night. One here in our school and two in another school. We had 15 songs to perform and some were Latin, Ancient Latin, Swahili and more. It was great fun at the rehearsals since there were other schools there too and we made lots of new friends. When we were at the rehearsals the principal gave out 8 homework passes which were given to 8 lucky students. The students had to try really hard to smile and sing loudly. It is really important for singers to look happy on stage. It brings a positive energy and the audience seem to enjoy it more. The principal found it really hard to pick someone because we all tried so hard. The concert itself was great then and the children could be heard from miles away!

The whole experience was amazing and we made so many new memories. It was a great opportunity to be part of a choir of new and old friends. It is something we will never forget and something that we are really proud about!

By Kyla

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May 28 2019

An Interview with Mr. Allen!

Recently the boys and girls of the 5th and 6th class soccer teams have had a lot of success. That is why I have interviewed Mr. Allen, their coach to find out how they are getting on.

I wanted to get some background information on Mr. Allen and see how long he has been a coach. I wondered had many of his teams won before and if there were any exciting games coming up soon.

 Mr. Allen has been coaching the girl’s soccer team for one year now. He has been coaching the boys’ soccer team for 3 months. The boys’ last match was on Wednesday the 10th of April and they won 10-nil which was an amazing result. The girls’ last match was on the 2nd of April and they drew 2-2 which is also a great result.

If the boys win their next match they will be in the league quarter final and that goes for the girls too. This is amazing. We are so lucky to have Mr. Allen so dedicated to both our boys’ and girls’ teams.  Mr. Allen also told me that the boys are also in the cup semi-finals. The boys have not lost any of their matches so far and the girls have only lost two.  These are both incredible records. These records are in place because of Mr. Allen’s work and also the boys and girls who train so hard and are always ready to play a match. Mr. Allen’s favourite part about being a coach is giving boys and girls the opportunity to play sports on a team for their school.

We hope that we will be able to bring some more good news soon!

By Anna

Mr. Allen’s 4th class

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March 27 2019

The Reason Why School Is A Safe Place to Be!

The reason why school is a safe place to be,

Is not always easy for us to see.

You’re never alone, when everyone cares,

Especially if you can’t find it,

outside school airs.


We always complain, when we have to go back,

When we don’t realise, the thankfulness we lack.

Yes this is cheesy, more cheesy than your toast,

But we don’t realise, until we miss it the most.


Here in St. Annes, it’s always like a second home,

No matter our age, or how far we roam.

When your old and frail, looking up at the stars,

Remember St. Annes (or your school) who made you who you are.


By Ava Mulcahy 6th class

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