November 13 2017

Music and News in Third Class!

Mr Dunne’s class have learned a song called “Somewhere Only We know” by Keane and played it at assembly. There is also a video on Facebook of them singing it which got the most likes of the year for the school. Every week the class watches RTE News2Day and answers the questions of the week. The class then sends in their answers. Mia Byrne and Ella were featured on the show. For art this Halloween the class did Halloween Silhouettes.

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November 6 2017

Debating in Third Class!

Hi my name is Teagan.

Mr Dunne’s class have been doing a lot of fun stuff that I will be telling you about. So let’s get started!

First they did some Art. Every day they watch the news. In fact, they have been doing some debates and did you know that the people on the news ask questions?  Well they sent in their answers hoping that they would be read.

They have been doing their family projects and they went on a nature walk. They have been reading David Walkers book called Rat Burgan. They did a bit of pulse exercise and they found that cool!

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October 17 2017

Science, Fun and Art in Ms. Elmes’ Class

Hi, my name is Eoin and I am in Ms. Elmes’ class.

In school, we are learning about lots of new things. We are learning about the bones, the organs, how they work and where they are.

We are also learning lots of Irish games and English. Ms Elmes likes to make learning fun by playing maths games.

We also have great fun in Art class. This term we have already painted self-portraits, autumn trees and lighthouse by sea. Ms. Elmes also taught “marbling” which was great fun as we used water and paint. Our first project was on My Family. Everyone can see our projects and read them outside of our classroom.

Family Trees from Third Class

By Eoin, Media Team

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June 8 2017

Third Class News

The three third classes did the Córfhéile in the National Basketball Arena on the 10th of March. They sang three songs in Irish and did some Irish dancing. They are now practicing a song from a musical for the End of Year Show. Also, the three third classes performed in assembly doing two songs on recorder.

Ms. Aivalikli’s class got busy on the 5th of May raising money towards the new design for the reception hall

They sold hot dogs for €2. They also planned a fun nature scavenger hunt for €1. They raised €1,000 profit. The school will be very happy once they see the amazing new design that Ms. Aivalikli’s class happily funded for. They also did a project on space.

Ms Elmes class are currently doing a project on ancient Greece. They also made a rainbow display for summer outside their classroom.

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May 8 2017

St. Anne’s Book Fair

Ms Travers organised a book fair during book week. For the book fair, children brought in books from home to sell in School. The class that had the most books would get a homework pass. On the day of the book fair, students dressed up as book characters. Some of the popular characters were Pippi Longstocking, Harry Potter, Tom Gates, Gangsta Granny and Billionaire Boy. There was a competition between classes for the best costumes. It was very successful and lots of fun!

By Mary-Kate, Media Team

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