December 13 2017

A Busy Month in 5th Class!

This November in Ms. D’Arcy and Ms. Ní Mhurchú’s 5th class we did quite a lot! “Mum’s the word” – but we’ve been reading a lot of Shakespeare lately. That’s just one of the phrases that the Bard introduced to everyday life. Other phrases you’re probably familiar with are: “Not slept one wink”, “Fashionable”, “A wild goose chase” and “All’s well that ends well”. Old Spike Milligan has been broadening our imaginations with his crazy poetry including “On the Ning Nang Nong”

Our minds have nearly exploded with all the knowledge we’ve learned about Pompeii and Rome! We’ve made our own volcanoes erupt and wrote stories about life as a gladiator. We thought long division would divide our heads altogether but it surprised us by being very simple.

We also learned how to sketch and draw our classmates with fantastic results. In Gaeilge we’ve been using the APOE system which is an easy way for children to create sentences as Gaeilge. We’ve also been working hard on our Briathra Neamhrialta!

We hope you’re on your best behaviour, because if not – who you gonna call? PEACE PROTECTORS! A group of us in fifth class have been given the responsibility to help out on yard and we have cool high viz jackets so we can be easily seen.

We all felt like winners when Sam Maguire came to visit. We even got to touch him (never washing our hands again!). What a busy month it was! – and December is set to be even busier. ..



By Ava Mulcahy and Jennifer O’ Dwyer


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November 14 2017

History and Narrative Writing in Ms. Aivalikli’s Class

I visited Ms. Aivalikli’s sixth class today. They have been learning about Georgian Dublin this month. They have focused on the architecture and history of the time. Students have been doing PowerPoint Presentations and Reports on either the Four Courts, James Gandon or Georgian Homes. They are going into Collin’s Barracks to look at Georgian furniture and clothing and will be sketching the Four Courts.

In English they have been working on Narrative writing, creating tension and using descriptive words. They will be writing their own stories soon.

By James

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November 13 2017

Mapping in Second Class!

Hi everybody! Welcome back to this month’s St Anne’s News!

Now today we have an interview from all of the pupils in Ms. Dawson’s class. They kindly told be a bit about what they have been doing…

They have been working on their Maths, English and Gaeilge (especially Oíche Shamna!) They have been doing some Music and Art, and in art they made little paper people painted houses. They have been reading Oisín and Tír na Óg and learning about the human body, and they have also been drawing maps.

Gosh, they have been busy! Anyway that’s all for now Folks, Come Back next time!

Second Class Maps of Shankill

By Ava and Rebecca

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November 6 2017

Space in Senior Infants!

For the month of October, we learnt about ‘Space’ in Ms. Olson’s Senior Infant Class!

During Aistear, we had so much fun pretending to be astronauts in our Space Centre Role Play Corner! We liked to sit in the Space Rocket, man the control panel and act out our rocket launch by counting down from 10 and shouting ‘BLAST OFF!!’ when the countdown reached zero! Once in Space, we pretended to walk around as if there was very little gravity around us!

In Art, we made puffy paint planets – we created a mixture of shaving foam, glue and paint and painted a thick layer of the mixture on to black card. When dry, the puffy paint had a sponge-like texture and our planets look great hanging outside our classroom!

October was a great month for S.E.S.E! In History, we learned that Neil Armstrong was the first man on the moon (alongside Michael Collins and Buzz Aldrin) and we watched a video clip of the Apollo 11 moon landing. We found this very interesting! Having learned many fun facts about Neil Armstrong, we were then able to construct a timeline of his life to develop our sequencing skills. In Geography, we learnt about our Solar System and all the planets within it. We pretended to be all the different planets orbiting around the sun! Finally, in Science, we really enjoyed doing rocket launch experiments! For our first experiment, we tried to get balloons to launch across a piece of string and we were very successful! In our second experiment, we used a vitamin C tablet to launch a film canister into the air. It was very exciting!

To take a look at videos of our experiments and Aistear time along with plenty of photographs of our artwork, please visit our twitter page – @MsOlsonsClass



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November 6 2017

Totem Poles and Science in Ms. Aivalikli’s Class

Last month, Ms Aivalikli’s class did a lot!

In History, the class learned about Native Americans. They talked about weapons like totem poles. In Gaeilge they did Mé Feín and had conversations as Gaeilge!

In science they did some experiments. They mixed milk, vinegar and sugar with water to see what happened. They also read up to Chapter 9 in ‘Under the Hawthorn Tree’. In Maths they did stations. In their stations, they played games. Their favourite game was War.

What a busy month!

Science Experiment

By Fionn

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October 17 2017

Science, Fun and Art in Ms. Elmes’ Class

Hi, my name is Eoin and I am in Ms. Elmes’ class.

In school, we are learning about lots of new things. We are learning about the bones, the organs, how they work and where they are.

We are also learning lots of Irish games and English. Ms Elmes likes to make learning fun by playing maths games.

We also have great fun in Art class. This term we have already painted self-portraits, autumn trees and lighthouse by sea. Ms. Elmes also taught “marbling” which was great fun as we used water and paint. Our first project was on My Family. Everyone can see our projects and read them outside of our classroom.

Family Trees from Third Class

By Eoin, Media Team

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October 16 2017

Interesting Interviews in First Class!

I had an interview with Mr. Donnelly’s class. They are enjoying First Class but when I asked them what they missed about Senior Infants, they said finishing at half one. They all said that they like basketball, football and dodgeball.

I got an exclusive interview with Flynn. Flynn is a six-year-old boy who has travelled all over the world. His favourite countries that he has ever been to are Cambodia, Bali and Thailand.

Mr. Donnelly then told me that the children in his class love when he teaches his favourite subject which is Science. He said sometimes they can act like cheeky monkeys! The class did an experiment to see how a helicopter can fly. They made their own out of paper. They had great fun flying them.

By Hannah, Media Team

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October 16 2017

Artistic Aztecs in Fifth Class!

Ms. Lennon’s class were learning about all elements of the Aztecs. For example, they learned that girls married at the age of fourteen, whilst boys married at the age of nineteen. The Aztecs ate a lot of cheese. Also, they had two gods for most things, for example, they had two war gods so one could sleep and one could work.

Ms. Lennon’s class also made some Aztec art such as sun stones from clay. Next the class will make some mosaic masks.
Ms. Lennon’s Aztec Art
By James, Media Team
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October 16 2017

Autumn has Landed in Senior Infants!

For the past month, Ms Hegarty’s class have been making new friends and have been playing with each other in the yard. Other than making friends, the class have been doing a lot of nature related activities. The class went on a nature walk and found a variety of nature objects such as leaves and acorns. With these they then made a nature table. One pupil found a large cone about three times the size of a normal cone.

In Art they did leaf rubbings using Autumnal colours. The class really enjoyed this a lot.


Ms. Hegarty’s Nature Table
By Eoin, Media Team
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