May 8 2017

Sixth Class Confirmation and End of Year Show

The confirmation was held in St Anne’s Church on the 25th of March. The children of Ms. Kelly’s class and Ms Kett’s class were being confirmed. The children of Ms. Lennon’s class and Ms Meghan’s class were singing in the choir. We hope everyone had a great confirmation day.

Both Ms Kett’s and Ms Kelly’s class are doing an end of year show. The two titles are “Cinderella Rockafella” and “Oliver Twist”. Cinderella Rockafella is being done by Ms Kett’s class and Oliver Twist is being done by Ms Kelly’s class. Everyone is looking forward to seeing both shows and I hope you all are too.

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May 8 2017

Junior Entrepreneur Programme and the National Children’s Choir

Recently, the two 5th classes have been very busy with some amazing work and projects.

Starting with Ms Nic Ghearailt’s Class, they were highly successful with their Junior Entrepreneur Program Showcase Day. The class ended up with €1000 profit but made a charitable donation of €200 for The Peter McVerry Trust. The delicious brownies were remarkable and very tasty. They have also been doing projects about Africa and its countries within.

Ms Lennon’s class represented St Anne’s at the National Children’s choir. Their beautiful voices were heard on the 5th of April by an audience of 1200 people. They sang fifteen songs in Irish, English, Latin and Italian. The choir consisted of 500 children. They have been learning a lot about the Normans  too and they thoroughly enjoyed their trip on Friday the 28th of April to Trim Castle.

By Kate, Media Team

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May 8 2017

The National Children’s Choir

On the 5th of April, Ms Meghan’s 4th class got ready for a big performance in the National Basketball Arena. The purpose of this performance was to show their family and friends their amazing voices by singing in the National Children’s Choir. They were joined by Ms Lennon’s 5th class and eight other schools.

It started at 8pm and ended at 9:30pm. Once they arrived they lined up outside the choir door, which was on the right side of the arena. They then walked into the arena and took centre stage. It was time for a once in a lifetime event! They sang their hearts out. While they were singing, they were not allowed to wear their jumpers and they had special ties to wear.

A man called Shane hosted the event and he also sang Dolly Parton songs such as 9 to 5 and Jolene. Speaking of songs, the choir sang 15 songs! My favourite one was “Don’t Stop Me Now”. After they sang all their songs, they sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to the conductor Maireád Déiseach. Fourth class are very grateful for all of those who came and for Ms. Lennon for teaching them the songs since September.

By Grace, Media Team

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May 8 2017

St. Anne’s Book Fair

Ms Travers organised a book fair during book week. For the book fair, children brought in books from home to sell in School. The class that had the most books would get a homework pass. On the day of the book fair, students dressed up as book characters. Some of the popular characters were Pippi Longstocking, Harry Potter, Tom Gates, Gangsta Granny and Billionaire Boy. There was a competition between classes for the best costumes. It was very successful and lots of fun!

By Mary-Kate, Media Team

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May 8 2017

Rainforest Inspired Creativity in Second Class

Down in Ms. Maguire’s class, they did something quite interesting. They came up with the idea to turn their classroom into a rainforest. The children used paper to make little monkeys. Ms. Maguire used string to hang up the monkeys. They added vines as well. Ms. Maguire made a giant monkey out of art materials and put it on the door. They are also doing S.E.S.E.


By Rebecca, Media Team

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May 8 2017

Project Work in First Class

The two First Classes were doing a lot of art, 3D shapes and science this month.

Mr Donnelly’s class were doing project work. Their projects were about amazing children and how their stories of great acts changed the world. Such children include Lydia Ko, Param Jaggi and Kim Ung Yung. Param Jaggi developed a machine that turned carbon dioxide into oxygen!

Ms Walsh’s class were learning about weight, length, sound, transport and making hot air balloons. Here is a picture of her class measuring length in the yard!

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May 8 2017

Interviews in Junior and Senior Infants

Hey guys, welcome to this month’s blog story!

I interviewed Michael, who is a student in Mrs Black’s class and Ms. Olson – one of the Senior Infants’ teachers.
Michael really likes school and his teacher because he said both are fun! They do lots of Maths, English and Irish in his class and he loves most subjects. The best part of his day is playing with his friends in yard and in one word he described school as “good”! Michael, if you’re reading, thank you very much for the great interview!

Next I had a very interesting conversation with Ms. Olson. She loves being a teacher in St. Anne’s because of the lovely atmosphere, the children here are always happy and smiling, and it is a nice place to teach. She has been teaching here for two years and last year she was teaching resource. Last year she also taught in St. Peter’s in Bray so she actually split her time between both schools! She said the funniest thing she has experienced in St Anne’s was just recently, when she watched the children’s reactions to the chicks hatching out of their eggs in her classroom. She loves Maths time because they play lots of games and she believes the children enjoy doing maths through play. The reason she loves teaching is because for her, every day is different, no two days are the same, and you meet and get to know so many wonderful children.

The big news in Ms Olson’s class this month, was the hatching of the famous chicks – Mario and Lu-Cheapy. They went from eggs to chicks in her classroom! Unfortunately they grew up too quickly and the class had to say goodbye. The good news is that they have gone to a new home where they are very happy!

By Ava, Media Team

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