June 28 2019

The Daily Mile!

I am in fourth class and my teacher is Mr.Allen. Every day we keep fit by doing the Daily Mile. Everyone loves it. We run 16 laps around the yard for our mile and some find it challenging while others find it easy. Mr.Allen times us and the best time in our class is 6m and 25seconds. A lot of people have improved and gotten a lot better over the course of the year. The aim of the exercise is to beat your best time. That is how it keeps us fit. Anyone who beats their best time gets a subject pass. Why don’t you try the Daily Mile?

Media Team

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June 11 2019

Constructions in Mr. O’Donovan’s Fourth Class!

Mr. O’ Donovan’s 4th class have been really busy constructing bridges using newspaper, A4 paper, tinfoil, masking tape, paper plates and skewers. They used school books to measure how much each bridge could hold before it broke. Some held 60, while other’s held less. Everyone had lots of fun making the bridges. The most books that the bridges held was 60.


They also learned about the bridges of the world like, Beam bridges, truss bridges and suspension bridges. They found out the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco was a suspension bridge. They also made smaller constructions using only un-cooked spaghetti and marshmallows! They had to see which one had the most stability and which one was the highest. It was fun but a little hard to make sure that the structure would not fall down.





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May 28 2019

An Interview with Mr. O’Donovan!

  1. Were you nervous meeting your new class?

I have to say I was really nervous because I didn’t know the class and they had no idea who I was. It was difficult because I was going to be taking over from a fantastic teacher, half way through the school year. I wanted to put my own little twist on things as well as keeping some of the groups routines, so it was a nervous time for me!


  1. What was it like leaving your old school?

It was very strange because I started my teaching career there. I had only been there for two years but I had met some amazing pupils and teachers, and had built up some fantastic relationships. The Principal of my old school was and still is someone who has given me advice from the beginning, so saying goodbye to her and the other staff was also difficult. But we all keep in contact.


  1. Have you settled in completely to your new classroom?

I think so. I have the Cork GAA jersey hanging up which is the most important thing. We have a good routine now, and things are definitely taking shape. There’s still lots of stuff to do with regards putting up displays and stuff, but I think the atmosphere in the room is good and we are getting to do some exciting lessons. It’s a fun room to be in, and there is a relaxed mood in there so yes I do think I have settled.


  1. Are you liking it here in St. Annes?

It’s such a change for me compared to my previous school but I am thoroughly enjoying it. All of the staff have been so welcoming, and have really made me feel at home from the beginning. It is such a busy school, and there is always something happening which keeps me on my feet and I love it! The children are polite, and always say hello to me on the corridor, and there’s just a great atmosphere around the school each day. Assembly on Fridays is something new for me but its a fantastic opportunity to acknowledge the many talents of the children in the school and it is a true reflection of the ethos of the school.


  1. What were you looking forward to the most when you were coming here?

It’s always going to be exciting meeting a new class and getting to know the children individually. So I was excited to get to know the class and to build up a positive relationship with the group. I had 4th and 5th class together last year, so I was looking forward to trying out lessons that worked well for me with them, and also some new lessons. I haven’t had a chance yet, but I’m looking forward to teaching them some proper Cork hurling skills as well!


  1. Are there any differences between this school and your old school?

There are lots of differences. For starters, St. Anne’s begin in the morning earlier and we also finish earlier than my old school. The school is much bigger. My old school had about 150 pupils. As I mentioned already, assembly is something new for me on Fridays, something that my old school wouldn’t have done as often.There are other differences like for example a lot of children in my class in my old school would have got a bus to school, and I know that this doesn’t happen in St. Annes. There are lots of after school clubs and activities in St. Anne’s because of the huge number of pupils and interest from children, which is new and exciting for me. I hope that I can help out in some way with activities in time to come!


  1. What subject do you like teaching most with your new class?

The class are very much involved in choir with the school, and they’re very talented singers. So I love trying out new songs with them. They’re also very creative in writing so I’ve really enjoyed English lessons where we have written poems like Limericks and Haikus which were fun.


  1. Are you enjoying the experience of your new class and school?

I really am enjoying it very much! The first couple of weeks were a big change for both of us and it took some time to get a routine in place but it has been really enjoyable. As I said, the staff have been more than welcoming and I am enjoying coming in each and every day to school. It has been a great experience so far, and I am excited for the next few months especially when the weather hopefully picks up and we can get outside for more outdoor activities and lessons.

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October 29 2018

Mr Donnelly’s Fourth Class

The last few weeks have been absolutely hectic! If we weren’t playing maths games and solving puzzles for Maths week or doing our homework in unusual places for “Roamwork4homework” (see our twitter @zaptower), we were swimming in Loughlinstown pool or experiencing a bit of culture at St. Joseph’s of Clooney’s musical “Footloose”. You see?! Flat out!! Happy Halloween everyone!!!


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October 5 2018

Match Report from Mr Allen

Anne’s girls march into semi final.

The St. Anne’s senior girls gaelic football team have reached the Cumann na mBunscol semi final after a comprehensive victory over St. Luke’s on Wednesday. The girls produced their best performance of the year to record a sensational 6-09 to 0-02 win. Playing with the wind in the first half the girls attacked from the throw in and were soon ahead thanks to superb points from Carmel Fitzachary and Beth Killeen.  As St. Anne’s grew in confidence the chances continued to arrive and soon St Anne’s had their first goal as Beth Killeen rounded off a great team effort. More joy was to follow as Róisín Murray seized upon a defensive mistake to score from close range.  At the other end the St. Anne’s defence was in top form, and with Ava Mulcahy brilliantly leading the line the girls would conceed only 1 point in the whole first half. The second half would prove to be equally 1-sided as St Anne’s continued their relentless pressure. A quick point from Jessica Moore was followed by well taken goals by Alannah O’ Toole and Carmel Fitzachary. Then came the goal of the match. Catching the ball superbly in her own box, Róisín Murray decided to run forward with the ball. As St. Lukes tried in vain to tackle her the St.Anne’s playmaker raced past their entire midfield and defence before finishing calmly into the back of the net.  With time running out the goal scoring was completed as Lauren Boothman bullied her way through the defence bofore blasting the ball into the net. At the back Anne’s were proving equally ruthless with Tess O’ Toole and Kate Hanly leading superbly from half back. Anne’s would complete the scoring in the final minute as Anna Salaverria set up Aisling O Dwyer for a fine point.


Man of the match: Carmel Fitzachary.


Go the St. Anne’s Girls!!:))))


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June 11 2018

A Trip to the Zoo for Fourth Class!

On Friday the 27th April 2018, Mr Allen’s, Ms Kelly’s, and Ms Travers’ fourth classes went on an educational visit to Dublin zoo. They were transported there by bus and when they got there they were split into two groups.

They saw a lot of animals such as different types of monkeys and big cats like tigers and lions. They also saw lemurs, a real panda, orangutans, sea lions and penguins.

After that they went to the African plains and met a tour guide who brought them around and showed them lots more animals and told them lots of interesting facts. She showed them gorillas, chimpanzees, rhinos, giraffes, zebras, ostriches, water hogs and some other species. Then they had lunch and after lunch it was time to head back to the bus. They had a great time and learned lots. Big thanks to all the staff involved.

By Aisling, Media Team

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June 11 2018

Alison’s Shop!

Hello! My name is Pranav and I write for the St. Anne’s Media Team.

My story is about Alison’s Shop. Alison’s shop was a place where you could get stationary. You could get cool pencils, rulers and much more. The shop started in Ms. Travers’ class and in two weeks everyone knew about it. Without Noreen, Alison and Ms Travers the shop wouldn’t have existed.

In a month it became a trend. All the money went to Trócaire and again it was thanks to Noreen, Alison and Ms. Travers. We raised €420. Fifth class also raised money for Trócaire. As a result, we were able to give Trócaire a large cheque that will support people to live with dignity and independence in some of the world’s poorest countries.

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December 13 2017

Super Swimmers in 4th Class!

We interviewed Mr. Allen’s 4th class. It was their first time doing the class swimming lessons in Loughlinstown Leisure Centre. The class did it for forty minutes every Wednesday for eight weeks. Once at swimming, the swimming coaches put the children into small groups.

Group 1 were the strong, high-level swimmers. They learnt to do all 4 strokes. The strokes they learnt were freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly. Group 2 did 3 strokes – freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke. Group 3 learnt to do the front crawl. Group 4 were the beginners. During the 8 weeks, they learnt to swim. Well done!

I interviewed a boy in Mr Allen’s class. He didn’t do the first few weeks of swimming as he was nervous but after getting encouragement from his class-mates, teachers and coaches he gave it a go. He is so pleased he tried to swim.

Thank you for reading our interview about Mr Allen’s 4th class swimming lessons. Finally, Mr. Allen is so kind – he gave each child 50c for the lockers!

Written by Eoin Mulligan and Eoin Mac Dermot – from the School Media Team

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November 14 2017

Art, Swimming and School Tours in Ms. Kelly’s Class

Ms Kelly’s class have been busy making skulls and fireworks but don’t worry they are not real, they are made from crep paper. The class have been very busy writing stories, doing equations, spellings and singing.

All the fourth classes are still doing swimming on a Thursday which includes two more weeks after the midterm. The classes also went to see High School Musical in Cluny.

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