June 11 2018

A Trip to the Zoo for Fourth Class!

On Friday the 27th April 2018, Mr Allen’s, Ms Kelly’s, and Ms Travers’ fourth classes went on an educational visit to Dublin zoo. They were transported there by bus and when they got there they were split into two groups.

They saw a lot of animals such as different types of monkeys and big cats like tigers and lions. They also saw lemurs, a real panda, orangutans, sea lions and penguins.

After that they went to the African plains and met a tour guide who brought them around and showed them lots more animals and told them lots of interesting facts. She showed them gorillas, chimpanzees, rhinos, giraffes, zebras, ostriches, water hogs and some other species. Then they had lunch and after lunch it was time to head back to the bus. They had a great time and learned lots. Big thanks to all the staff involved.

By Aisling, Media Team

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June 11 2018

Alison’s Shop!

Hello! My name is Pranav and I write for the St. Anne’s Media Team.

My story is about Alison’s Shop. Alison’s shop was a place where you could get stationary. You could get cool pencils, rulers and much more. The shop started in Ms. Travers’ class and in two weeks everyone knew about it. Without Noreen, Alison and Ms Travers the shop wouldn’t have existed.

In a month it became a trend. All the money went to Trócaire and again it was thanks to Noreen, Alison and Ms. Travers. We raised €420. Fifth class also raised money for Trócaire. As a result, we were able to give Trócaire a large cheque that will support people to live with dignity and independence in some of the world’s poorest countries.

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December 13 2017

Super Swimmers in 4th Class!

We interviewed Mr. Allen’s 4th class. It was their first time doing the class swimming lessons in Loughlinstown Leisure Centre. The class did it for forty minutes every Wednesday for eight weeks. Once at swimming, the swimming coaches put the children into small groups.

Group 1 were the strong, high-level swimmers. They learnt to do all 4 strokes. The strokes they learnt were freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly. Group 2 did 3 strokes – freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke. Group 3 learnt to do the front crawl. Group 4 were the beginners. During the 8 weeks, they learnt to swim. Well done!

I interviewed a boy in Mr Allen’s class. He didn’t do the first few weeks of swimming as he was nervous but after getting encouragement from his class-mates, teachers and coaches he gave it a go. He is so pleased he tried to swim.

Thank you for reading our interview about Mr Allen’s 4th class swimming lessons. Finally, Mr. Allen is so kind – he gave each child 50c for the lockers!

Written by Eoin Mulligan and Eoin Mac Dermot – from the School Media Team

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November 14 2017

Art, Swimming and School Tours in Ms. Kelly’s Class

Ms Kelly’s class have been busy making skulls and fireworks but don’t worry they are not real, they are made from crep paper. The class have been very busy writing stories, doing equations, spellings and singing.

All the fourth classes are still doing swimming on a Thursday which includes two more weeks after the midterm. The classes also went to see High School Musical in Cluny.

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November 14 2017

News from Ms. Travers’ Class

Ok so first they made masks and they made Meringue too. They did projects on inventors and they typed them up as well. They are reading David Walliams – ‘Gansta Granny’. They are also reading Roald Dahl’s – ‘Danny the Champion of the World’. They planted  crocus and tulip bulbs.

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November 6 2017

Spooky Spider’s in Ms. Kelly’s Class!

This is what’s going on in Ms Kelly’s class!

First, they had to get to know each other. They did lots of art and they wore t-shirts so that they didn’t get their clothes dirty. They made spider webs with spiders in them. They also did a project about the school. Then they played sparkle in Irish and English. They did recorder and singing and Go Noodle, lots of running laps, lots of homework and lots of Maths.

Ms. Kelly’s 4th Class Spider Web Art

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June 7 2017

Music and Sport in Fourth Class!

This month Mr Allen and Ms Meghen have been having lots of fun with their classes.

Starting with Mr Allen’s class, they have been very active running the daily mile every day. Seventeen people in his class have achieved their personal best just last week. They planned to do hell and back on the 18th of June to raise money for LauraLynn. Some students have been doing fitness groups in yard to improve their fitness.

Ms Meghen’s class sang at both Communions and at the National Concert Hall with Ms Lennon’s class.

Thank you for reading!

By Kate, Media Team

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May 8 2017

The National Children’s Choir

On the 5th of April, Ms Meghan’s 4th class got ready for a big performance in the National Basketball Arena. The purpose of this performance was to show their family and friends their amazing voices by singing in the National Children’s Choir. They were joined by Ms Lennon’s 5th class and eight other schools.

It started at 8pm and ended at 9:30pm. Once they arrived they lined up outside the choir door, which was on the right side of the arena. They then walked into the arena and took centre stage. It was time for a once in a lifetime event! They sang their hearts out. While they were singing, they were not allowed to wear their jumpers and they had special ties to wear.

A man called Shane hosted the event and he also sang Dolly Parton songs such as 9 to 5 and Jolene. Speaking of songs, the choir sang 15 songs! My favourite one was “Don’t Stop Me Now”. After they sang all their songs, they sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to the conductor Maireád Déiseach. Fourth class are very grateful for all of those who came and for Ms. Lennon for teaching them the songs since September.

By Grace, Media Team

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