December 22 2017

Wrapping Up for Christmas in Senior Infants!

Well what a busy month it has been in Senior Infants! From nativity plays to Aistear, Wildlife Warrior Workshops to Christmas sing-a-longs, December has been a cracker of a month!!

For much of November, Senior Infants had been practising for their production of ‘What a Star!’ and boy did they shine! On the 7th December 2017 all the Mums and Dads, Grannys and Grandads, brothers and sisters came to see our star-filled nativity show and everyone was very impressed. The children put on a fantastic performance!

In between practising for our play we made sun catcher nativity scenes, Christmas elves, Christmas tree decorations, penguin pictures and Christmas cards.


We had so much fun during Aistear this month, as our theme was Christmas all our stations were linked. We were busy elves in Santa’s Workshop designing, making and wrapping toys whilst the postmen and women delivered children’s letters to Santa; we baked chocolate chip cookies for Santa Claus and we made lovely Christmas cards.


We’ve had some special visitors in Senior Infants this month, Jingles – our Elf on the shelf (who we managed to catch on camera!! The footage can be seen on our Twitter page @MsOlsonsClass) and two lovely hedgehogs from Hedgehog Rescue Dublin. We learned a lot about hedgehogs and hibernation during our Wildlife Warrior Workshop. It was lots of fun!

To send us on our merry way, we finished off the term with a lovely sing-a-long, singing carols such as Jingle Bells, Away in a Manger, Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer and Santa Claus is Coming to Town! That’s it from Senior Infants, Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

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December 22 2017

‘C H R I S T M A S spells Christmas’ in Ms. Hegarty’s Class

We learned lots and really enjoyed ourselves during all the rehearsals for our  Nativity play. After many practices, on 8th December, we put on ‘C H R I S T M A S  spells Christmas’ for our families.  The boys and girls put on a super performance which everyone loved.  Here are pictures of the cast


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December 22 2017

November News from Ms. Hegarty’s Class

During November we started rehearsing our nativity play.  It was a little surreal trying not to talk about Christmas or Santa (it was much too early!) while singing lots of Christmas songs and acting out the Nativity.  We were very fortunate to have polydrons from the yard in our classroom in this month and we had great fun building with them.

Here are pictures of some things we made while learning to follow instructions and diagrams.


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November 13 2017

Interviews in Senior Infants

Senior Infants were excited to answer my six questions. These were their answers:

I asked Ben and Olivia in Ms Hegarty’s class what their favourite subject is and they said phonics and science. They made scary skeletons. They have been learning about spiders and have had a wonderful year so far. They sung their poem about bony skeletons. They are rehearsing songs for their Christmas play. Ms Hegarty thinks her class is fabulous.

In Ms Olson’s class, I asked two children what their favourite subject was. They answered Religion and Art. In Art they made aliens and painted planets with puffy paint. Last month they learned about Space and this month they are learning about Emergency Services. They are learning songs from Bua na Cainte. The teacher and the class are enjoying their year so far!

Ms. Olson’s Puffy Paint Planets

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November 6 2017

Space in Senior Infants!

For the month of October, we learnt about ‘Space’ in Ms. Olson’s Senior Infant Class!

During Aistear, we had so much fun pretending to be astronauts in our Space Centre Role Play Corner! We liked to sit in the Space Rocket, man the control panel and act out our rocket launch by counting down from 10 and shouting ‘BLAST OFF!!’ when the countdown reached zero! Once in Space, we pretended to walk around as if there was very little gravity around us!

In Art, we made puffy paint planets – we created a mixture of shaving foam, glue and paint and painted a thick layer of the mixture on to black card. When dry, the puffy paint had a sponge-like texture and our planets look great hanging outside our classroom!

October was a great month for S.E.S.E! In History, we learned that Neil Armstrong was the first man on the moon (alongside Michael Collins and Buzz Aldrin) and we watched a video clip of the Apollo 11 moon landing. We found this very interesting! Having learned many fun facts about Neil Armstrong, we were then able to construct a timeline of his life to develop our sequencing skills. In Geography, we learnt about our Solar System and all the planets within it. We pretended to be all the different planets orbiting around the sun! Finally, in Science, we really enjoyed doing rocket launch experiments! For our first experiment, we tried to get balloons to launch across a piece of string and we were very successful! In our second experiment, we used a vitamin C tablet to launch a film canister into the air. It was very exciting!

To take a look at videos of our experiments and Aistear time along with plenty of photographs of our artwork, please visit our twitter page – @MsOlsonsClass



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October 16 2017

Autumn has Landed in Senior Infants!

For the past month, Ms Hegarty’s class have been making new friends and have been playing with each other in the yard. Other than making friends, the class have been doing a lot of nature related activities. The class went on a nature walk and found a variety of nature objects such as leaves and acorns. With these they then made a nature table. One pupil found a large cone about three times the size of a normal cone.

In Art they did leaf rubbings using Autumnal colours. The class really enjoyed this a lot.


Ms. Hegarty’s Nature Table
By Eoin, Media Team
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June 8 2017

Sleeping Beauty’s Beautiful Feast in Senior Infants

Ms Hegarty’s class have been designing Sleeping Beauty’s Birthday Party Menu. They have also been learning about the Irish Stoat. They were also having a lot of fun learning magnetism and electricity. They did a hunt for materials that are magnetic around the classroom.

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May 8 2017

Interviews in Junior and Senior Infants

Hey guys, welcome to this month’s blog story!

I interviewed Michael, who is a student in Mrs Black’s class and Ms. Olson – one of the Senior Infants’ teachers.
Michael really likes school and his teacher because he said both are fun! They do lots of Maths, English and Irish in his class and he loves most subjects. The best part of his day is playing with his friends in yard and in one word he described school as “good”! Michael, if you’re reading, thank you very much for the great interview!

Next I had a very interesting conversation with Ms. Olson. She loves being a teacher in St. Anne’s because of the lovely atmosphere, the children here are always happy and smiling, and it is a nice place to teach. She has been teaching here for two years and last year she was teaching resource. Last year she also taught in St. Peter’s in Bray so she actually split her time between both schools! She said the funniest thing she has experienced in St Anne’s was just recently, when she watched the children’s reactions to the chicks hatching out of their eggs in her classroom. She loves Maths time because they play lots of games and she believes the children enjoy doing maths through play. The reason she loves teaching is because for her, every day is different, no two days are the same, and you meet and get to know so many wonderful children.

The big news in Ms Olson’s class this month, was the hatching of the famous chicks – Mario and Lu-Cheapy. They went from eggs to chicks in her classroom! Unfortunately they grew up too quickly and the class had to say goodbye. The good news is that they have gone to a new home where they are very happy!

By Ava, Media Team

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