January 14 2019

Ms. Kelly’s Class Project!

This year in Ms Kelly’s class we have done a lot. We will be doing projects throughout the year. Our first project was on bridges. There were so many things we could do using bridges as a topic. We could make model of bridges, write about bridges or draw pictures of bridges.  Most people decided to make a model of a bridge. However, some people chose to write about bridges too. We had about 20 days to get it done. Most people who made models used tall lollipop sticks. One bridge was made out of straws. Another person made a project out of clay. There was also a project made of wood and nails. In assembly, our class did a presentation on Bridges. Everybody had to read 1 fact about Bridges. Then, we sang the song ‘A Bridge over troubled water.’

Written by the Creative Media Team

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October 5 2018

There’s a Starman waiting in the sky – 5th Class in September


Mrs Lennon’s fifth class have had a busy September.
We are delighted to be together in a new class with many new friends.
In Gaeilge we have been practicing our Mé Féin comhrás and we enjoy chatting about ourselves ‘as Gaeilge’.
We have also learned to draw ourselves, and were quite surprised to discover the true proportions of our faces!
In science we did a fun experiment called ‘Hanger Clanger’ where we learned about how sound travels.

Hanger Clanger
We have been rehearsing for our National Children’s Choir Concert which will take place in the National Basketball Arena in March. Our favourite song so far is Starman by David Bowie.
We have learned about the Beaufort Wind Scale and were able to calculate wind speeds during Storm Ali.
In History we learned about the Aztecs and we designed holiday brochures for Irish Counties in Geography.
Our County Tourist Information Brochures


We enjoy our gymnastics with Jay every Tuesday and have also been learning how to play cricket with Diarmuid from Cricket Ireland. Ms Basquille has been coaching us in running techniques on Fridays.
Check back next month for some more fifth class news!
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December 13 2017

A Busy Month in 5th Class!

This November in Ms. D’Arcy and Ms. Ní Mhurchú’s 5th class we did quite a lot! “Mum’s the word” – but we’ve been reading a lot of Shakespeare lately. That’s just one of the phrases that the Bard introduced to everyday life. Other phrases you’re probably familiar with are: “Not slept one wink”, “Fashionable”, “A wild goose chase” and “All’s well that ends well”. Old Spike Milligan has been broadening our imaginations with his crazy poetry including “On the Ning Nang Nong”

Our minds have nearly exploded with all the knowledge we’ve learned about Pompeii and Rome! We’ve made our own volcanoes erupt and wrote stories about life as a gladiator. We thought long division would divide our heads altogether but it surprised us by being very simple.

We also learned how to sketch and draw our classmates with fantastic results. In Gaeilge we’ve been using the APOE system which is an easy way for children to create sentences as Gaeilge. We’ve also been working hard on our Briathra Neamhrialta!

We hope you’re on your best behaviour, because if not – who you gonna call? PEACE PROTECTORS! A group of us in fifth class have been given the responsibility to help out on yard and we have cool high viz jackets so we can be easily seen.

We all felt like winners when Sam Maguire came to visit. We even got to touch him (never washing our hands again!). What a busy month it was! – and December is set to be even busier. ..



By Ava Mulcahy and Jennifer O’ Dwyer


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November 14 2017

News from Ms. D’Arcy and Ms. Ní Mhurchú’s Class

This class have been very busy since the start of the year. They have been completing lots of art projects and self-portraits for their class door. They have been learning about Greek Mythology, Comic Strips and Constructing a Norman Castle.

They have designed Dia De los Muentos masks for Halloween. They have been doing creative writing stories and poems for Autumn. Their geography knowledge increased this year as they have been learning all the counties, lakes and rivers in Ireland.

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November 6 2017

News from 5th Class!

Hi, my name is Pranav and I’m happy to be a new member of the media team.

The students of Ms. Ní Mhurchú / Ms. D’Arcy’s 5th class have been drawing comic strips and doing cool drama and Autumn poems. They have been talking about trees and much more. They have been doing a lot about Autumn and have also been learning about different counties along with learning about hurricanes. They have been on a school tour orienteering and have been doing beautiful self-portraits.

By Pranav

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October 16 2017

Artistic Aztecs in Fifth Class!

Ms. Lennon’s class were learning about all elements of the Aztecs. For example, they learned that girls married at the age of fourteen, whilst boys married at the age of nineteen. The Aztecs ate a lot of cheese. Also, they had two gods for most things, for example, they had two war gods so one could sleep and one could work.

Ms. Lennon’s class also made some Aztec art such as sun stones from clay. Next the class will make some mosaic masks.
Ms. Lennon’s Aztec Art
By James, Media Team
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June 8 2017

Our Junior Entrepreneurs and Our Fabulous Choir

Ms Nic Ghearailt’s class received the Junior Entrepreneur Award for their business. The class sold brownies with chocolate chips. They gave twenty percent of the profit to the Peter McVerry Trust for the homeless. The class came up with their own business idea. They have also been learning a lot about the homeless this year and have built a homeless shelter.

Ms Lennon’s class are doing a play for the End of Year Show. The show will have a dance, singing and recorder that they have already performed at the National Concert Hall. They also sang at both Communions and the 6th Class Confirmation.


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May 8 2017

Junior Entrepreneur Programme and the National Children’s Choir

Recently, the two 5th classes have been very busy with some amazing work and projects.

Starting with Ms Nic Ghearailt’s Class, they were highly successful with their Junior Entrepreneur Program Showcase Day. The class ended up with €1000 profit but made a charitable donation of €200 for The Peter McVerry Trust. The delicious brownies were remarkable and very tasty. They have also been doing projects about Africa and its countries within.

Ms Lennon’s class represented St Anne’s at the National Children’s choir. Their beautiful voices were heard on the 5th of April by an audience of 1200 people. They sang fifteen songs in Irish, English, Latin and Italian. The choir consisted of 500 children. They have been learning a lot about the Normans  too and they thoroughly enjoyed their trip on Friday the 28th of April to Trim Castle.

By Kate, Media Team

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