June 1 2023

April News from Ms. Olson’s Class!

Although April was a short month with our Easter Holidays, we packed a lot in! Our theme for the month was ‘Clothes and the Weather’.

In Aistear, we enjoyed acting out the story ‘The Scarecrows’ Wedding’ by Julia Donaldson in the Farm Home Corner. We also enjoyed having the wedding breakfast and party! We made ‘jewellery’ for Betty O’Barley from the story using beads and buttons in patterns. We designed a wedding cake for Harry and Betty using shapes in patterns and we started creating our own Betty and Harry scarecrows. In week two we enjoyed our time in the weather station. We pretended to be meteorologists and we gave the weather forecast on the television for our classmates. We made beautiful cloud and rainbow mobiles and we dressed paper dolls for the correct weather with a cut and stick exercise. We enjoyed dressing baby dolls depending on the weather. We loved engaging with water play too! We had lots of bubbly water, cups, jugs, bowls, spades etc. and enjoyed filling containers and pouring the water out! We enjoyed messy play on the tuff tray with rainbow shaving foam clouds and we used playdough to make outfits for different weather conditions on paper dolls.


In English, we are loving being able to read independently. We read our differentiated readers when we have finished our work. We have finished our Jolly Phonics now and we spent the time revising our vowel and consonant digraphs. We are working hard at our letter formation and we are beginning to write our news independently too. We enjoyed reading and engaging with the story ‘The Smartest Giant in Town’ by Julia Donaldson and loved the kindness displayed by the Giant to people in need. 

In Gaeilge, we’ve enjoyed learning phrases, songs and poems surrounding the theme of ‘An Teilifís’ (Television). In Maths, we started learning about money. Money is a tricky topic to grasp especially in relation to the idea that a 2c or a 5c coin is more valuable than a 1c coin even though they are all single coins! To teach this concept, we start out with coin tokens instead of real coins. A coin token has dots on them to denote whether it is a 1c, 2c, or 5c coin. We played a fun exchange game whereby we exchanged 1cs for 2cs and when we had enough – for 5cs too. Once we had grasped the idea of the tokens, we used real coins to play the game. We also had great fun investigating what real coins looked like, what symbols they had on them, how the coins differed on the back and we looked up where all the coins that we had came from! We also did some coin rubbings pictures, and played shop with Ms. Olson using real coins.

In S.E.S.E we finished learning about animals and the farm and made our own butter. We shook cream in a jar until it started to whip before solidifying into butter. We poured off the buttermilk, added some salt and spread it on some bread. It was very tasty! We were very lucky to go and visit the school pond to see our newts and water minibeasts too. Thanks to our caretaker, Ogie, for showing us! We also learned about the weather.


In Art, we  completed our farm frieze and are scarecrows that we had begun in Aistear. Take a look!


In P.E. we started learning how to play hurling with Coach Steve from Shankill GAA.

That’s all for now, check back in soon to see how we got on in May and June with our lovely chicks! 

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June 1 2023

March News from Ms. Olson’s Class!

We had lots of fun exploring our theme ‘Animals and the Farm’ in March.

In Aistear, we started learning about ‘The Vet’. We had lots of fun playing in the veterinary surgery – we had to pretend to be receptionists, vets, veterinary nurses and we brought our pets to the vets. We used teddies as pets or sometimes we liked to pretend to be the animals ourselves! We practised our cutting and sticking skills too as we learned about the life cycle of a frog. We watched a cool video about it first and then cut out pictures of the life cycle and stuck them in the right order. We had great messy fun playing in the jelly and chia seed frog pond in our tuff tray and we enjoyed making farm animals for our farm frieze. We were very lucky to be invited to Mr. Ryan’s class to see his tadpoles and frogs too!


In week two, we enjoyed a week of the vet visiting the farm home corner where we enjoyed pretending to be farm animals on the farm! We also constructed fields for the farm animals and sorted the animals into the correct fields on our tuff tray. We decorated our farm shop pop up stall and we also learned about the life cycle of a chicken in preparation for our own hatching chicks! Finally, in week three, we loved buying fresh produce from the Farm Shop! We planted and harvested vegetables in our tuff tray, we did a cut and stick activity where we matched the animal to their home and we enjoyed exploring with magnets.


In English, we have really taken off with our reading and we have nearly finished our Jolly Phonics! We practise our tricky words and blending each day which is helping to improve our reading skills too. We love taking books now when we have finished our work and we read them to our friends as well as to our teacher. Our writing is coming along great too! We love Fridays as we do free-writing when we can write about whatever we like unaided. Monday to Thursday we do literacy stations – we do one station each day. Usually our stations are: two phonics games, news writing and a cutting skills worksheet. At the end of the day we love story time – this month we read the stories ‘Farmer Duck’ and ‘The Pig in the Pond’ by Martin Waddell. World Book Day occurred in March as well and we brought in our favourite books to show our friends and we had such fun dressing up as our favourite book characters! We went to the Book Fair and were able to get some new books. There was also a competition for the best costumes – won by a jellyfish and a dragon! We also made lovely bookmarks!

In Gaeilge, we were learning all about ‘Lá ‘le Pádraig’ (St. Patrick’s Day). It was Seachtain na Gaeilge (Irish Week) and we had such fun doing Irish dancing and performing at our concert. We sang the songs  ‘An Leipreachán’ (The Leprechaun), ‘Lámha Suas an Féidir Leat’ (Hands Up) and ‘Sín do Lámha’ (Stretch Your Hands), ‘Tá mé ar mo Shuigh ar mo Chathaoir’ (I’m sitting on my chair) and ‘Beidh Aonach Amárach’ (There will be a Fair Tomorrow). In Maths, we continued on with our partitioning and combining within 3 and 2 and we really enjoyed playing games where we had to add on one and two. We also enjoyed learning about money and looking at coins with magnifying glasses before doing some coin rubbings.


In S.E.S.E we enjoyed learning about the signs of Spring and singing our four seasons song. We learned about farmers, animals and their young, animal homes, vets and identified what pets we had. We learned about the lifecycle of a frog and a hen in preparation for our own hatching chicks. We also enjoyed learning about the story of St. Patrick and sequencing his life.

In Art, we made lovely St. Patrick’s Day Leprechaun pictures with our faces. We also made lovely Mother’s Day cards using cupcake liners to create a flower. We also made kitchen roll bunnies and potato stamp cards for Easter.

In P.E. we loved our sessions with Coach Steve for ball skills. We also did some hockey with our teacher.


On our last day of term, we had a lovely Easter egg hunt with the other Junior Infants and we enjoyed colouring Easter pictures! 

We packed a lot in to Junior Infants in March, tune back in soon for our April news!

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March 24 2023

February News from Ms. Olson’s Junior Infants!

We had another busy month in Junior Infants! Our theme for February was Homes and Houses. In Aistear we had great fun doing lots of different activities each week. In the socio-dramatic play corner, we enjoyed playing in the kitchen making dinner; acting out the different parts in ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ and pretending to be the Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf! We did lots of construction activities such as playing with Lego, Duplo, Stickle Bricks and Straws – we made things like houses for the Three Little Pigs and different sized furniture for Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We enjoyed playing with playdough – we bricks, sticks and straws for the Three Little Pigs’ houses. We also practised our cutting and sticking skills whilst sequencing the stories of Goldilocks and the Three Little Pigs and designing our own houses. We also enjoyed acting out the stories in the puppet theatre and with the doll’s house in small world.

In English we continued to learn our Jolly Phonics and Tricky Words and we enjoyed playing phonics games. We enjoyed engaging with the book – ‘A Squash and a Squeeze’ by Julia Donaldson and we are really progressing with our own differentiated readers! We are loving using our blending skills to decipher all the words in our books. We participated in the ‘Write a Book’ competition and produced a fantastic book about our favourite things. We worked really hard on the writing and pictures and sent it off to be judged. We received it back last week and we got lovely feedback and special certificates!

In Gaeilge we enjoyed learning about ‘Sa Bhaile’ (At Home). We liked learning one song in particular ‘Dhá Éan Bheaga’ as it is the Gaeilge version of ‘Two Little Birdies Sitting in a Tree’! In Maths we followed on from partitioning and combining within five and learnt the number stories for four! We also enjoyed learning about capacity. We used the story of ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ to investigate the how much each bears’ porridge bowl could hold. We also had a popcorn party for Goldilocks and had to decide which container would be the most suitable for holding the popcorn! We enjoyed eating the popcorn too! We also celebrated Pancake Tuesday in Junior Infants and enjoyed sequencing how to make a pancake before eating our own! Yum!

In S.E.S.E (Science, Geography and History), we learnt about  homes and electricity. We learnt about the different rooms in homes, things you might find in those rooms and activities that happen there. We looked at homes in the past and we discussed what type of home everyone lived in. We learned about electricity and we investigated making static electricity. We managed to make our hair stand up, we attached a balloon to a wall, we picked up pieces of paper using a balloon and we bent water in the tap using a balloon!

In P.E. we loved our dance lessons with Ms. Casey and our ball skills sessions with Coach Steve.

In Art, we made lovely Valentine’s Day cards for our parents. We also drew and painted our dream houses.


We hope you enjoyed our blog, tune in next month to hear what we got up to!

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March 22 2023

January News from Ms. Olson’s Junior Infants!

In January, we learned all about the Polar Regions in Junior Infants. In Aistear we had lots of fun playing in both the Arctic and Antarctica home corner. We were polar explorers searching for different animals, we had to set up camp in the freezing climates and build igloos. It was lots of fun. We had fun playing with small world based in the Polar Regions using our tuff tray. We enjoyed making fake snow to add to our tuff tray so that we could play small world in the Polar regions with Antarctic and Arctic animals. We especially enjoyed ice-skating the frozen Polar animals across our tuff tray and diving the penguins into our water bath. We also did lots of cut and stick activities to learn about penguins and polar bears and constructed snowmobiles with Lego and polar animals with playdough.


In English we continued to learn our Jolly Phonics, Tricky Words and we enjoyed playing phonics games. We enjoyed engaging with the books – ‘The Emperor’s Egg’ by Martin Jenkins, ‘Lost and Found’ by Oliver Jeffers and ‘The Polar Bear and the Snow Cloud’ by Jane Cabrera. We found ‘The Emperor’s Egg’ to be very informative and we learned many facts about penguins. We also enjoyed our literacy stations – writing our news, playing phonics games and practising our cutting skills.

In Gaeilge we enjoyed learning about ‘Caitheamh Aimsire’ (Hobbies). We liked learning about ‘Caitheamh Aimsire’ as we learned new vocabulary and sang songs and rhymes relating to toys! Toys were definitely on our minds in January straight after Christmas! In Maths we took a giant leap forward as we started learning how to partition and combine within five! We have been learning our number stories for all the ways we can make five: 0 and 5; 5 and 0; 1 and 4; 4 and 1; 2 and 3; 3; and 2. We also enjoyed playing maths games on the iPads.

In S.E.S.E, we learned all about Antarctica and the Arctic – we especially liked learning about penguins and polar bears. We learned about the Irish explorer, Tom Crean, who almost made it to the South Pole. We learned the names of the seven continents and we had such fun singing the continents song on YouTube. We also completed our work on the five senses and had great fun exploring our sense of touch! We used blindfolds and felt different materials and textures.

In P.E. we had lots of fun during our dance classes with Ms. Casey from the Catherine Casey School of Dance and we enjoyed learning lots of GAA Ball Skills with Coach Steve from Shankill GAA. We also got our new climbing wall in the Junior Yard and had such fun trying it out!


In Art we made beautiful penguin and polar bear collage pictures. We also decorated a handprint poem for Grandparents’ Day.  In Music, we sang some lovely songs – our favourite being ‘Boa Constrictor’. The song is so funny as it is about being eaten by a boa constrictor!


We hoped you enjoyed our blog this month – stay tuned for February’s news!

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March 1 2023

Write a Book

A huge number of classes took part in the annual ‘Write a book’ competition. Although we cannot wait to find out the winners, we are so proud of every student who made an entry. We definitely have some budding authors in St Anne’s!

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March 1 2023

Service of Light

All three 6th Classes recently had their Service of Light. Emily Lowe in 6th Class has written this piece about all the preparation that went into it!

On the second of February, St. Anne’s Sixth Class, along with a handful of students from other schools, celebrated our Ceremony of Light. The Ceremony of Light is an important Catholic event, as it focuses on our parents sharing their light of faith with us. This is a key step in preparing for our Confirmation.

To prepare for our Ceremony of Light, Ms. Maguire and Ms. Elmes asked students to participate in the choir. A few students from each of the three Sixth Classes volunteered, and choir rehearsals were held to practice our hymns. Our Sixth Class teachers, our Sixth Class SNA, and Father Jamie helped us greatly to prepare for this celebration, and I think I speak for everyone when I say their faith inspired us every step of the way.

At seven o’clock in the evening, we all gathered in St. Anne’s Church. Every family had a Holy Candle that would be passed from parent to child toward the end of the ceremony. Once everyone was seated, the members of the choir began with the opening hymn: “Shine, Jesus, Shine.” When the hymn was over, we returned to our seats in the pews, and the ceremony began. Father Jamie gave a speech about a scene in The Lion King and linked it to God speaking to us, his sons and daughters. The teachers came around and lit our Holy Candles, and then the time came for our parents to pass the candle of faith to us. The choir sang the closing hymn: “This Little Light of Mine,” and the ceremony came to an end!

By Emily M. Lowe

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March 1 2023

Grandparents’ Day!

We were very lucky to have our annual celebration of Grandparents’ Day return this year. The excitement could be heard throughout the whole school. Grandparents were treated to tea and coffee before getting the chance to experience what it is like to be in their grandchildren’s classroom. We know that everyone involved had a great time! Some of our Media Team met with teachers before and after to get an idea of what happened.

Ms. McManus and her class are going to sing two songs and they will read a poem with their grandparents. After that, the children will have a chat. Ms. Johnson and her class are going to sing the song “Count on me”. Once they have sung that they plan to read a poem. They will then interview their grandparents about when they were younger.

Ms. D’Arcy and her class are going to read a poem. They will then do a disco dance to remind their grandparents of their youth.

Let’s have a little check-in and see if all their plans work out!

Ms. Johnson and her class did everything but the song. They instead showed their grandparents their Viking boats which they loved!!

Ms. D’Arcy and her class did everything! The grandparents loved the disco dance and said it was lovely, entertaining and interesting!

By Sian O’Sullivan

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March 1 2023

New Rock Climbing Wall by Hayley Carraher

The children in Junior Yard were delighted this month when they arrived to see a brand new climbing frame. The climbing frame takes up a section of the wall and has been a huge hit since its installation. Some of our Media Team members decided to find out more about it. They met with Mr. Fingleton and also some of the lucky students who have already had a chance to try it out!

The new climbing wall was Mr Fingleton’s idea. He got it from a company called ‘Small Walls’. They made it and came to install it. He thinks it is a great addition to the Junior Yard and will keep the children occupied. The children seem to be enjoying it so far.

There are some rules to the new frame for safety. You must climb sideways so as to never interfere with someone else. There can only be two climbers per panel at a time for safety. You can make it more difficult by only choosing to touch certain colours or avoid some. The black panel with colourful holds is really striking and stands out in the yard.

I spoke to all the Junior classes who simply think it is AMAZING!!

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March 1 2023

Every Voice Matters

Our Student Council has been working really hard on their slogan “Every Voice Matters”. They have created vibrant posters to put around the school to remind everyone how important their voice is!

Lily Byrne (5th Class) is a member of the Student Council. She wrote this poem to highlight the importance of using your voice.


Everyone has a choice,

To use their voice,

Your voice matters,

like chocolate chips do in cookie batter,

If you think no one wants to hear you I promise,

That’s not true and someone wants to hear your wonderful voice,

We need to speak for those who don’t have a choice,

Some don’t want to speak and others are just too weak,

So let’s spread the message around,

If your voice was once lost now it’s been found!


Lily Byrne (5th Class)

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February 2 2023

News from Our Media Team!

Autumn leaves           

Deep in the woods under the trees, 

if you look straight up you’ll see colourful leaves,

some leaves are yellow some leaves are green,

some leaves are bright and bold, some can’t be seen.

Some leaves are strong others are fragile

squirrels leap through the trees looking so agile,

hedgehogs on the ground spiky and small

look up at the trees so giant and tall,

Deep in the woods under the trees, 

if you look straight up you’ll see colourful leaves.

By Alice Byrne


Reading with the juniors.

At St Annes we love to read, we also like helping others to read, especially the new Senior and Junior Infants! After a long wait, 6th class finally gets their turn to read to the younger members of the school. Helping them to expand their reading skills is an amazing experience that I and many other 6th classers are very grateful for. Reading with them is a giant responsibility, we must be calm and quiet while we read with the kids and we must be gentle and encouraging.

It is a great benefit for the Seniors and Juniors to have, I remember when I was their age and 6th class came to my classroom to read with me and my class and now it feels so great to finally be reading with them. Just hanging out with the 6th class in school is so special, it makes them feel cool and grown up too.


Library back up and running and our outdoor classroom.

In St Annes the Senior and Juniors aren’t the only ones reading. Our library has finally reopened after covid 19 and we are excited to be back. Our librarians Evelyn and Tanya are working hard to keep our library in tip top shape. Each class has their own time slot for when they go to the library to take out and return books. As well as our library reopening our outdoor classroom has opened up too! Having the outdoor classroom is a great opportunity to get more time in the great outdoors while learning. The classroom is a peaceful and fun experience with a lot to offer on the educational and outdoor front.

Trip to lexicon library 

6th class visited Lexicon library in Dún Laoghaire for a science workshop. The theme was “Bright Sparks-the hair-raising story of Electricity”. In this workshop we learned about how electricity was discovered by accident and we repeated this very first electricity experiment. We then made our own batteries using readily available items. We also looked behind the scenes of batteries and investigated what batteries are actually made of. In the Library we used copper coins, gold coins, tinfoil, paper clips and zinc nails and measured them with a voltage measurer. The batteries were not any higher than 0.85 volts altogether so everything was safe but also very exciting. The children really enjoyed this experience and we hope to go on exciting trips and workshops again. 


Assembly is back!

Our school assemblies are back in action after a long covid-19 restriction break. Ms. Treacy’s 5th class started senior assembly off and sang ‘lig mé saor’ (wake me up by Avicii)- a great start to our first assembly back. It’s great that covid is a thing of the past so we can continue to get back to normal. 

GAA September

The St Annes GAA teams have started up for the new 2022/2023 season! Mr Allen will be running both the boys and girls GAA football teams. People from 4th class and up can play for the team. Both the boys and girls teams have already played a match each with the girls team winning 26-1 and the boys sadly losing by 1 goal. The hurling for both teams will be starting up soon and soccer starting up in early 2023. Hopefully both teams win this year, and good luck!

A big welcome to our new teachers at St Annes

As well as welcoming the Juniors, we’re welcoming four new teachers, Ms Johnson, Mr Higgins, Ms O’Crowley and Ms Mc Creedy. By trying to get to know our teachers a bit more we thought it would be good if we interviewed them and got to know them. We thoroughly enjoyed interviewing them and found it very interesting and fun.                                             


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