May 28 2019

Third Class’ Trip to Dublin Zoo!

On Tuesday the 30th of April Ms.Travers’ and Mr Dunne’s 3rd class went to Dublin Zoo. We headed off on a bus. We all had partners. Everyone played card games, read, talked, drew, sang or made up handshakes. Luckily nobody threw up! We finally reached Dublin Zoo and everyone was so excited. When we got out of the bus it smelled so wonderful. We could smell fresh air.We walked along, it was so lovely to walk in the forest. We went to meet our tour guide. She was very nice. We were very hungry when we got out of the bus so we had lunch. It was so lovely and we went to see the animals. We walked along to see a hilly piece of land, it was full of animals. We saw ostriches, they were playfully walking around. There were two boys; I know this because they were black. We learned that the boys are black and the girls are grey. We saw giraffes and they were very tall. The mother giraffe was looking after her babies.

We also saw zebras. The zebras had a lot of stripes and they were so cool. We saw rhinos and they were very big. We saw many more animals like monkeys, they were not shy at all, they were looking up at the glass and jumping from branch to branch. We also saw elephants, they were pushing themselves down hills in muck, they were so cute. We saw a lot of other animals like tigers, lions, wolves, chimpanzees, primates, gorillas, penguins and snow leopards. It was a great day, everyone laughed and were fascinated by the animals. Before we left we went to the playground and saw the reptiles. There are so many animals in the zoo. I have an interesting fact for you. Did you know there are 550 animals in the zoo?

When we went back on the bus, the lion didn’t want us to leave because he let out a huge roar. Some of us were scared and some of us were happy and just laughed. We left on the bus and a lot of people were singing Queen. It was a great day; both of the 3rd classes enjoyed it!

By Pearl Rose


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