March 27 2019

Interview with Steve Davis, GAA Ballskills Coach in St Anne’s.

Q. Where in the school do you teach your classes?

A. In the junior and senior yard.

Q. What skills do they learn?

A. They learn the solo, pick up, kick pass, hand pass, high catch, chest catch and the punt kick.

Q. Are the skills hard, medium or easy level?

A. They are medium level.

Q. Do you do any warm up games?

A. Yes, flush the toilet, stuck in the mud, the traffic light game and tag.

Q. Are your classes good at it?

A. Yes. Very good at it.

Q. Do they get lots of exercise?

A. They do, most of the drills involve moving.

Q. What is your favourite skill to teach?

A. The punt kick.

Q. Do they enjoy it?

A. Yes, they do enjoy it.

Q. Do you enjoy it?

A. Yes.

Q. Is it fun!?

A. Yes, it is great fun.

Steve says:

It is great to see boys and girls learning new skills whilst having fun. It’s great to see so many boys and girls from St. Anne’s school playing for Shankill G.A.A club during the week and during the weekend.

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