May 28 2019

An Interview with Mr. Allen!

Recently the boys and girls of the 5th and 6th class soccer teams have had a lot of success. That is why I have interviewed Mr. Allen, their coach to find out how they are getting on.

I wanted to get some background information on Mr. Allen and see how long he has been a coach. I wondered had many of his teams won before and if there were any exciting games coming up soon.

 Mr. Allen has been coaching the girl’s soccer team for one year now. He has been coaching the boys’ soccer team for 3 months. The boys’ last match was on Wednesday the 10th of April and they won 10-nil which was an amazing result. The girls’ last match was on the 2nd of April and they drew 2-2 which is also a great result.

If the boys win their next match they will be in the league quarter final and that goes for the girls too. This is amazing. We are so lucky to have Mr. Allen so dedicated to both our boys’ and girls’ teams.  Mr. Allen also told me that the boys are also in the cup semi-finals. The boys have not lost any of their matches so far and the girls have only lost two.  These are both incredible records. These records are in place because of Mr. Allen’s work and also the boys and girls who train so hard and are always ready to play a match. Mr. Allen’s favourite part about being a coach is giving boys and girls the opportunity to play sports on a team for their school.

We hope that we will be able to bring some more good news soon!

By Anna

Mr. Allen’s 4th class

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