May 28 2019

The National Children’s Choir!

The National Children’s Choir had lots of rehearsals to learn and prepare for the big show in the basketball arena on the 27th of March. We had 3 rehearsals before the big night. One here in our school and two in another school. We had 15 songs to perform and some were Latin, Ancient Latin, Swahili and more. It was great fun at the rehearsals since there were other schools there too and we made lots of new friends. When we were at the rehearsals the principal gave out 8 homework passes which were given to 8 lucky students. The students had to try really hard to smile and sing loudly. It is really important for singers to look happy on stage. It brings a positive energy and the audience seem to enjoy it more. The principal found it really hard to pick someone because we all tried so hard. The concert itself was great then and the children could be heard from miles away!

The whole experience was amazing and we made so many new memories. It was a great opportunity to be part of a choir of new and old friends. It is something we will never forget and something that we are really proud about!

By Kyla

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